50 Cent Disses Lil' Wayne

As he tends to do, 50 Cent goes after Lil' Wayne and Baby in a new song "Part Time Lover." We've got the audio

Just in time for the new album, 50 is pulling out all the old tricks. First dissing Fat Joe and Cam'ron, then taking shots at Jimmy Iovine and Irv Gotti. Now 50 has taken aim at none other than Lil' Wayne and his daddy.

After hearing some rumors this week that Weezy had a dis ready for 50 after his "whoring himself out" comments. Well, I guess 50 heard the rumors too and he has dropped a song called "Part Time Lover" where he takes shots at Weezy and Baby.

At this point, we only have a radio rip from Kay Slay, but the full version is bound to come soon. Best believe HipHopDX will have it.

Click HERE to listen


  • thomas 2

    lil wayne has got the shot nomatr what.50 s a selfish nigga always nagging his grup there.he deserve to loose everybody game yung buck u name t

  • Christina

    Lil Wayne is a waste of time and piece of crap but some of his songs are okay but I hate him cuz he doesn't care about people all he cares about is his shit money. 50 Cent is a lot better and he actually cares about people and he's nice.

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