Brooklyn O.G. Discredits Jay-Z

Brooklyn Don, Calvin "Klein" Bacote speaks on Jay-Z. Claiming Jay's rhymes revolve around HIS life not Jay's and that Nas spoke nothing but the truth on Ether.

During the


  • Whitegirlspoiled

    Um, I'm a white girl and sold drugs in DPH, Cali. Ooh, I'm so bad ass. Please, most these rappers are so fake!

    • thatuncutraw

      There's a difference between selling drugs and selling crack cocaine in Brooklyn. That being said, selling drugs doesn't make you "bad ass". What makes you "bad ass" is what you'd do in a tough situation.

  • Anonymous

    Why do people get so wrapped in rappers? Like you really believe in the make believe fantasy land shit that they talk about? It's not real! And at times they do borrow other peoples life story! Why is that so hard to believe? Bull and his squad was running marcey doin real shit! Jay is just a rapper!

  • Tyler

    This is Bullshit. Dehaven & Gunna ( Jay-Z's old hustling buddies) Said that Jay was a hustler, just not a boss so what the fuck is Klein talking about. Klein was barely around Jay, Dehaven and Gunna were around him all the time, and even they said he was a hustler. Who u gonna believe, a nigga that was in jail for thirteen years and barely around him, or 2 niggas that were around him ALL the time in the 80's. Exactly.

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