Saigon Vs Atlantic Records!?!?

Just when it seemed like Saigon was about to drop his debut album on Atlantic Records, a blog surfaces from Sai titled "Saigon Vs Atlantic Records Round 1."

Many have been patiently waiting for Saigon to drop his highly anticipated debut album for quite some time now. As his buzz has continued to heighten due to his Just Blaze alliance (Blaze is executive producing his project) and his constant mixtape wizardry, the only question left about the album was "When?"

News of a Jay-Z feature have heightened the hype considerably while a video for "Pain In My Life" (featuring Trey Songz) was released last year. But there have been absolutely no signs of a release date up until this point. Apparently, Saigon has been a bit perturbed by the situation and decided to publicize his frustration via his myspace blog. Here it is in full...



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