HHDX News Bits (Dopetracks, Cam'Ron Album Title, Young Buck)

Dopetracks.com lets you record original music online, Cam'Ron announces the title of his next album, Violator backs Young Buck

For all of you MySpace artists out there, get ready, because Dopetracks, LLC has launched their new site - Dopetracks.com. The site is a web-based platform for creating music between people who are miles apart.

Producers can upload their beats, and vocalists/emcees can look up those beats and record their lyrics. "We want people to come to our site and express themselves however they
says Kevin Cohen, Marketing Manager and founder. "Hip Hop seems
like a natural fit but we encourage all styles and genres."

So what does one need to begin to use Dopetracks? Just a mic and a high seed Internet connection. Currently, tracks are limited to 60 seconds and are recorded at streaming quality."We're not creating broadcast quality recordings here. We're enabling
users to connect with other artists of similar tastes and express their
raw talent. Hopefully, this can lead to future collaborations in the
says Cohen.

Looks like the "beef" between Cam'Ron and 50 Cent is become a little more heated, as Cam'Ron announced this morning on Miss Jones' Hot 97 morning show that the title to his next album will be Courtesy Curtis. The album, set to release in the first week of July was announced while Cam spoke to DJ Envy:


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