Mister Cee Speaks on Biggie

Mister Cee, the man responsible for putting Biggie on, talks about his 10th Anniversary Best of Biggie mixtape

Being that this is Biggie Week on HipHopDX, it's only fitting
that we report on this.The Best of Biggie: Tenth Anniversary Mixtape
by Mister Cee is out. This week, Mister Cee
took some time to shed light on the mixtape.



  • charlie hustle

    my name is carlie.im from new york.i was there at msg.there was alot of heads there believe it or not fat joe was there postive k was there run dmc was there redman was thereshyhim biggie,bdk was there even erick sermon ripped it but people say bdk,biggie,2pac,shyhim and redman was the best.thats was history.we need ciphers like that.thats when niggas got along nyc we need that.thats the only way well bring it back over here.

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