Jamie Foxx On The 'N' Word, Oprah And More

Jamie Foxx isn't one to be soft spoken and the actor/comedian/singer opened up recently about the 'N' word and more

Jamie Foxx has added another chapter to the on going “N” word debate

Last Sunday, Foxx made his position loud and clear in Atlantic city : white people should not use the word under any circumstances, according to a New York Daily News report.
However, Foxx did defend the use of the word amongst Blacks.

"I'm an Oscar winner, but I'm a ni**a, too.”

He continued on, citing the now infamous Michael Richards blow up in Southern California last year.

was just calling us ni**er like it was the '50s! Ni**er, ni**er, with a
'e-r.' Then they said we can't use the word ni**a anymore. That's my
sh*t. I need it ... I need the word to describe certain things, because
at a certain level of excitement, I need to tell you how the sh*t was,
and there ain't no other word that helps me say that better than that
word. …White people, you can't use it. ... I would have booked his ass."

During the comedy set, Foxx also sounded off on various figures in Hollywood .

Angelina Jolie: "You
famous when you can just go over to another country and pick up some
kids like you're shopping for vegetables. I wish she was adopting when
I was coming up. I would have breast-fed till I was 37."

Oprah: "They say I [sleep with] everybody. So, I'm layin' in bed with Oprah. I lean over to Gayle and
say, 'Don't believe this sh*t. It's just between us three!' "

O.J.: "O.J.
be everywhere, like he still in style, like he got a hot record album.
He has no remorse and he crazy. ... He arrogant. What is he doing?
Every black person is saying, 'You already got away; don't dance in the
end zone!' "

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