Jay-Z Blue: The New Color For GMC

Jay-Z and General Motors link up to create the latest color for their Yukon Denali, "Jay-Z Blue" *pic included*

This past week at during media previews for the North
American International Auto Show, Jay-Z stepped out of a GMC Yukon Denali SUV, that
was on stage, and announced a new color for the SUV entitled “Jay-Z Blue.”

The Def Jam
President formed an alliance with General
and has been steadily working with the company’s global color studio
to produce the latest hue for the Denali.

With Toyota expected
to top GM as the world’s number one
maker this year, General Motors
hopes that the coalition with Jay-Z
will jump start the company’s lackluster sales and increase competition.

“Attract money my worst
color is light green/ my favorite hue is Jay-Z blue…”

I guess he wasn’t lying.


  • intisar


  • intisar

    I own a YukonXL 1500 2000. I do not have a car note. My car came with a factory color Champagne. I did not like the color very much but I bought the vehicle that color. When I could afford to change the color which happend to be 2011. I took the vehicle to a garage I showed them the ic of Jay-Z Blue Denali and I told them this was the color I wanted my painted this color. Unfortunately they charged me too much money and painted my car turquoise. lol I then took my car to GM dealership and complained and asked them if my car was painted the correct color because the garage told me in the sunlight it would be an exact match...The dealer has my vehicle right now as we speak they asked me to look up the article and they asked me what year the color i saw was printed as being made and they infomed me that my car is missing the crystal that would show my color as green and blue in certain lights and that is the proper color to make Jay-Z Blue and unfortunately my car is turquoise and there is no Green and so on and so on...So now My vehicle is being estimated by a GM dealer to be painter the correct color and then I will have to pay a Magestrate to make the garage pay the Dealer to paint my car the correct color and I will still get my car Jay-Z blue and then I will have to notify Penndot to change the title color so when I sell my car the new owner will have a Jaz-Z blue car with trhe proper color ciode because my color code is not right and I was smart enough to ask for that too. so talk about Sean Carter all u like he does own his own color and GM is aware of it and if u can afford to be a copycat u can own his color too and u gonna have to pay somebody and GM is gonna get their cut believe me and i think jAY-z WILL GET HIS BREAKDOWN OR U ARE STEALING....

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