Jay-Z Wrote Diss Track to Pac

Jay-Z says he was ready to fire back after Pac's Bomb First and relates to Michael Jordan's career in more ways than the "comeback wearing the 4-5"

In the upcoming issue of XXL Jay-Z opens up about his career parallels to Michael Jordan and his short lived drama with 2Pac in 1996. Here is the excerpt:


  • Matthew Dargan


  • Anonymous

    I thought Jay z didnt write his rhymes/

  • Malekano

    I don't believe Jay-Z, he could have said all he wanted to when Pac went paranoid eating and chewing the entire east coast of course except Wu and a few others. But at the height of the beef with Biggie and Biggie being Jay-Z' friend from before, Jay-Z had every reason to come after Pac and let it be known his stand point. But as we all know his raps weren't a quarter as tight as Nas,and we also know that Nas is iller than Jay-Z,but even Nas didn't retaliate when Pac was alive. Therefore, Jay-Z should not come out now with all this chit chat because we know the truth man. How can the Apollo lose a recording or not record at all?

  • nut case.

    Fuck JAY-Z dick sucking lips think for once mother fucker JAY-Z if Pac & Biggies was still here were the fuck was you gonna be DICK SUCKING LIPS .

  • Anonymous

    rofl he had nothing to say to pac

  • josh

    If Pac was still around Knowing what i know based off of the documentaries and what people who knew him said..He would be unstoppable..No matter how many diss tracks jay dropped .he wouldnt be where he was..The standard was raised back then.There was no such thing as a run of the mill rapper back then..You were either the best or you didn't exist.Jay got lucky when those two died.not saying he wouldnt have a career but it wouldnt be what it is now ..Jay mainly has a career cause of biggie dying more then 2pac..Jay just picked up where biggie left off

  • kaleb

    Pac wasnt paranoid. Some people on the East coast did set him up. Pac was only mad about at biggie because he knew that biggie knew about it and didnt say nothing to him about it. Im so sick of people saying that Pac dissed the East coast cuz he didnt. He ha love for the East coast and was loved on the Eastcoast. He only dissed the people that set him up. Then dissed people that dissed him. He was only coming at biggie because they were friends and he use to support biggie by letting biggie open up for him at his shows. He felt betrayed and i understand why. But most people on the Eastcoast opened their mouth and that made him mad. so he responded but didnt diss the whole East coast cuz he's from there.

  • donno

    I hope jay Z catches aids fuk him

  • Pacs Army

    This NIGGA Jay-Z is really funny, his like thinking that he could have had an effect.. Hahaha, don't make me laugh, Funny Fat Nigga..

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