Ras Kass & The Game Scrap In LA

West coast rappers Ras Kass and The Game had an altercation over a freestyle last night at a Los Angeles club.

Early last year when Ras Kass was releasing alot of material after just being released from prison, he dropped a song/freestyle called Caution that raised some eyebrows. No, not just cause the song was dope, but for these lines; "Fools is acting like they want what I
always was / West Coast lyricist with East Coast love/you was made to
run/get a thousand tattoos and won't raise your gun/so when you get
merked I'ma raise your son/Ras is a son of a bitch, you the son of a
coward/your pops went to jail got fucked in the shower.



  • Slim

    In a recent poll of of MC's, alomost all of them rank Ras Kass well above the Game. His lyrical ability is far better than the game hands down. Ras is a lyricist, and the game simply says a bunch of things that other rappers have done, like easy, dre, em and so on.


    haha these comments make me laugh my ass off, ras is an actual lyricist, game could never touch him physically or lyrically, game is a bitch forreal, all yall game fans are pussies n ignorant as shit go suck a cock fagets. o n most yall even said "i never heard of him" thn go listen to him yall ignorant garbage listnening punks

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