One of the most successful artists over the last
15 years is headed to jail for a five-month sentence.

David Marvin Blake, better known as DJ Quik surrendered to police
in a Fontana Superior Court last week to being serving the sentence. This
is in response to an incident from 2003, when Quik pulled a gun on his
sister during a family argument, based on police reports.

Last year, the rapping producer was ordered to spend 45 days in jail on
weekends after pleading guilty to the assault, but he never served his
sentence. His avoidance resulted in a violation of his probation causing
the judge in the case, Judge Keith Davis to increase his jail time for
the original charge, to 150 consecutive days, ordering the time tom be served immediately.

Quik most recently worked with Chamillionaire on the West Coast
Remix to “Ridin Dirty” and is dropping a new live album from
his impressive shows at the sold out, Greatest Hits Live at the House of
series, a 20-song album that he recorded back in February of this
year. Chingy, B-Real and Nate Dogg are also featured on the
album with a 12-piece band.

Quik surrendered to San Bernadino County authorities earlier today and
is currently in custody, ready to serve the 150-day stay.