Trouble seems to follow Damon Dash wherever he roams. After a short sparring session between issues of XXL magazine, the music mogul is at it again, this time over deceased rapper Ol Dirty Bastard aka Osirus aka Dirt McGirt aka (do we need to go on?).

The dispute stems from Dash wanting to put the late rapper’s initials on his forthcoming Pro-Keds shoes. Icelene Jones, Dirty’s widow has other ideas.

Damon Dash Music Group does not have the authority to distribute an ODB sneaker without the expressed consent of the estate of Russell Jones,” attorney Steven J. Mandel said in a statement to the New York Daily News.

The issues don’t end with those footprints in the sand. In addition to stopping Dame from releasing the line of shoes, efforts are also being made to ensure that his voice and scenes are also removed from an upcoming documentary about ODB.

Neither of these two cases are finalized, stay tuned to Hip Hop DX for the latest news on this conflict.