Nearly thirty years into a professional career in Hip Hop Pete Rock attributes his longevity to originality. “It’s about having your own identity,” he says.

Speaking with HipHopDX’s Ural Garret the Mount Vernon native reflected on how the music industry has changed through the decades.

“It’s definitely changed,” Pete says in a clip that premiered as a part of today’s DX Daily. “The landscape of the game, [from] how I started to what it is today, it has definitely changed. But, still giving you that vintage, real music original sound that I always have. I always felt that was very important in music, to be original and to not follow one sound you hear on the radio constantly. It’s about having your own identity and building your own following when you’re making music. When you can be successful at that then you’ll be your own individual out here with people trying to follow your footsteps.”

More than a decade after his instrumental magnum opus was released in 2001 Pete Rock is currently gearing up for a sequel, the aptly titled Petestrumentals 2. The 20-track album is set for release on June 23 on Mello Music Group.