Rumors had been spiraling out of control that 50 Cent and Game weren’t best of buddies. 50 even told MTV that though people have said that there may be beef, the two get along fine…

“Nah, I’m cool with him,” 50 says to MTV. “We cool, we work, we made the records that they hear in my house. If I didn’t like him, they would know. Ultimately, the papers is signed, so whether I liked him or not I would still be paid.”

But within the interview, 50 also boasted about how every song Game has that became a hit, he was featured on. But now things have gotten out of control. After “This Is How We Do” (featuring both rap heavyweights) was played, Olivia was the first to break the silence in a major way.

“‘This Is How We Do’ by 50 Cent featuring Game” she stated which started the conversation.

While interviewing with Funkmaster Flex, the G-Unit took things one step further and booted Game out of G-Unit.

During the interview 50 noted how he felt that about Game as a person. He noted that he wasn’t pleased with Game’s loyalty and the fact that Game was staying out of the controversy. He even voiced his displeasure with Game possibly recording with Nas.

“He’s gone,” 50 snorted. “He might as well make the record.”

He continues by claiming that he is responsible for Game’s success. From ghostwriting multiple songs on the album to the fact that he will make more money on Game’s album then Game will, 50 really cuts loose on his now former G-Unit member. He even relays his disenchantment with Dr. Dre focusing so much time on Game’s album instead of his. He even went as far to say that if Dre sides with the Compton rapper that he will immediately drop a double disc to get out of his contract.

What makes this even more outrageous was the fact that Game was interviewing across the way at Hot 97!

Later on a man in his 20’s was injured in a shooting during an altercation at the radio station. 50 and his crew were escorted out of the building following the incident. It is not known who was involved in the shooting and what the cause was.

More on this story as it unfolds.