Jill Scott Denies Legitimacy Of Nude Photograph

Jill Scott says one picture that was leaked, featuring her in a bathrobe, is legitimate. She says the nude photo is not.

Two photographs allegedly of Jill Scott have emerged in what has become an ongoing nude photo controversy surrounding various stars, including model Kate Upton and actress Jennifer Lawrence, this week.  

One of the photographs allegedly of Scott features the singer with her breasts exposed. The singer has denied the authenticity of this photo. The other image features her in a bathrobe. This one, she says, is authentic. 

The singer also posted several messages regarding her privacy and the impact of the leaked photographs.

Law enforcement officials are said to be investigating the distribution of nude photographs that were reportedly stolen from celebrities.

Scott isn't alone in saying the photos allegedly of her are fake. Some of the other stars involved in this controversy, including Ariana Grande, have said that nude photographs of them are also fake. 

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