Shyheim Offers Advice To Youth During Call From Prison

Shyheim "blessed to be alive," says his prison sentence allows him to become who he's meant to be.

Forbez DVD recently caught up with incarcerated rapper Shyheim in a newly-released, over the phone interview. While speaking with Forbez DVD during the nearly 20-minute long interview, the former Wu-Tang Clan affiliate provided an update on his status and offered a few words of advice to the youth.

Despite beginning a 14 year prison sentence, Shyheim revealed that he’s “blessed to be alive” and feels “good overall.” He added that he’s building up to be a better person and sees his sentence as a means of becoming who he’s meant to be in life.

“Honestly, man, I’m great,” Shyheim said. “I feel good, man. I feel blessed to be alive. Thank Allah. And that’s it. I’m around a lot of good brothers. We building. And I been here before though, but it’s like it’s different now. It’s different from when you do the [skid] bid…I feel good overall. I talk to a lot of good brothers, man, that do not have a chance of ever seeing the street again. So, it’s just building me up to be better. I gotta be better for myself and for them. As well as my kid…I believed that life was already written for me. The good and the bad. You know what I mean? So, I just think that the trials and tribulations we go through makes us who we are. So, this is part of the process that I have to go through to become who I am meant to be. So, I just embrace it.”

The rapper, who released his debut album AKA the Rugged Child in 1994, shared that prior to his prison sentence he began to get caught up with the things he rapped about as an observer.

“With the money and the fame and the street stuff that comes involved in that you start to get involved in the stuff that I once rapped about seeing,” he said. “I started becoming it. So, I just feel like I wasn’t using my voice right and I want to speak to the young brothers, man. To save some people this trip. This is real. And what people don’t realize, even though you’re doing time, your family and your loved ones—During that time you could lose ‘em. It’s not guaranteed that I’m gonna come home to everybody alive.”

Lastly, Shyheim offered advice to the younger generation as he informed them of the struggles of prison life. He then detailed how being a second-time felon offender led to his 14 year sentence.

“It’s not fun,” the rapper said. “It’s not what it seems. It’s not fun someone telling you ‘Yo, lights out. Be quiet’…The problem with it is we don’t realize that—One time, it only takes one time. Get caught with this weapon or you get caught with these drugs…In my situation, I caught my felony in 2000. 14 years later. I catch another felony 14 years later I’m considered a second-time felon offender, which means in New York state law as a second-time felon offender holding a firearm—In your presence, period. Fuck having it on my waist. Cause the gun was never found on my waist. My minimum is seven years. So, I’m paying double the price for something that was done 14 years ago when I caught a felony.”

In July of this year, Shyheim plead guilty to second-degree manslaughter after he was involved in a fatal hit-and-run accident on New Year’s Day. The rapper also plead guilty to a weapon-possession charge that stemmed from a separate incident.

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  • Anonymous

    sad and pitiful. you were Wu affiliated son....and you threw that away. I know things don't go smooth in the industry, but dam Shy....smh

  • Anonymous

    advice?? like they are going to listen to this dude.

  • R.Pgh

    Ironically, one of my favorite songs of his had the chorus "woop, woop, Jiggy coming, fuck the police y'all cause I ain't running".....gets arrested for fleeing the scene.

  • R.Pgh

    damn f'n shame. Dude was talented. Used to listen to Rugged CHild and Lost Generation on steady repeat when I was little (14). Manchild was decent too.

  • Anonymous

    He got off easy on a second degree manslaughter conviction along with a gun possession charge. There's a good chance he'll be released before he's 45. I doubt he'll be released the first time he's up.

  • Judge Drama

    This is just damned idiotic and reflective of where hip-hop is today. This is where he was meant to be? In jail? Doing up to 14 years on lockdown? Now all of this righteous, god-body 5 percenter talk, after the fact. People ought to have been thinking about this stuff before the incidents in question. His career is over. Too many young kids get mentored into a bunch of ignorant street-life carrying on, by grown folks who think its cute or are just far-gone in the head themselves. So yeah; let shorty handle those drugs, handle those guns, sex up those women. Then the cycle continues of casually assimilating into a fringe lifestyle, constantly unemployed or underemployed, co-dependent on older relatives or the female companion, and probation/parole issues are never far away.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Very good that he is in prison. The first time he learned nothing from it. And stop the bullshit im a better person now etc. blablabla

    • Anonymous

      It's called coping with your situation. Had he killed 50 people, he'd consider his situation a blessing. You say and think what you have to in order to get through each day.


    Keep your head up brother . And for the person below saying he shouldn't be giving advice from prison you obviously have no idea how some people are living or what some young people are influenced by .

  • damn

    He talks about how his poor decision making will effect HIM, and how he sees a better future for himself, but what about the person he killed drunk driving then fleeing the scene??? 'Sorry bro, next time imma do better.' That person will never get another chance. He doesn't seem remorseful except for the fact he was caught and now needs to do the time.

  • kevin smith

    hold ya head my to my brotha shyheim one of my fav mcs out the whold wu camp and alladat stay strong and do what u gotta do to get your life back on track my g we all make mistakes its how u learn from em and not to make em again

  • Anonymous

    Only in hiphop would someone giving "advice" from prison as a good thing.

  • Anonymous

    The only thing he's going to be embracing is another man's penis.

  • Frosty

    When keeping it real goes wrong.

  • kennyken

    all I can say is god bless. Man

  • Anonymous

    i remember him as a kid rappin alongside big daddy kane and the wu who would fought 20 years later he would be in that place ?? it's unbelievable how someone's life can turn sometimes when the bad choices are made .

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