Floyd Mayweather Says 50 Cent Should Donate Money To Michael Brown's Family

Mayweather: "If you really want to donate money, how about you donate money to Michael Brown's family?"

Floyd Mayweather has addressed his ongoing feud with 50 Cent during a media day press conference.

"I think it is safe to say that I was his real friend but he wasn’t my real friend," Mayweather says, according to Andreas Hale's report on AllHipHop. "A lot of times, because of our upbringing we tend to not be loyal or happy. And when we’re not happy, we don’t want to see other people happy." 

Mayweather said he wishes Fif well despite their ongoing spat.

“I wish 50 Cent nothing but the best,” Mayweather says. “I don’t know if he’s still making music. The last time I checked he was a boxing promoter, but I still wish him nothing but the best.”

Last month, 50 challenged Mayweather to read a page out of a book for money. Mayweather believes that money should go elsewhere. 

“I was thinking about something when you asked me about 50 Cent,” the boxer says. “If you really want to donate money, how about you donate money to Michael Brown’s family? I shouldn’t stop you [from donating money to charitable organizations]. Our company has been donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to different organizations for years without looking for the media attention. The best thing for 50 Cent to do is to donate the $750k to Michael Brown’s family." 

For more on Floyd, visit the DX Daily video below.  



  • Anonymous

    Floyd & 50 abusing y'all minds with this internet "beef".

  • Anonymous

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  • hek718

    just read the book nigga...

  • Anonymous

    Floyd lost again! damn!

  • Anonymous

    This nigga still make music? I thought he was a boxing promoter?

  • Anonymous

    Game warned us that he was a piece of shit but yall niggaz aint listen.

  • Anonymous

    House negro to the bone, dude is like a black version of Ann Coulter, Flloyd should have never gone near that filth.

  • Gay Unit

    your career as a rapper is officially over when you can drop an EP and all your headlines are about your messy breakup with your ex boyfriend.

  • On your mind all the time.

    Floyd fired back with some real shit but he should have refused to comment and continued to ignore him to torture his soul....lil homie wanted Floyds attention so bad he was talking about him daily waiting for a response... :)

  • Michael Brown's Father

    750k would buy me a fleet of other kids.

    • Bruthadee

      I have a bunch of kids I haven't seen in years if you're in the market for some pure black babies with no pasty white skin that burns in the sun or pink toes. I fully guarantee none of these babies have ever been to the suburbs. Rest assured that no child I produced would ever look like an albino or a person with Leprosy or hair that looks like the fur off a shaggy dog or some other lice ridden animal. @Bruthadee if you're interested

  • Hadouken

    I'm gonna go steal some cars, try to beat up a cop and hopefully some famous people will shower my family with wealth and gifts if I get killed in the good fight.

  • Anonymous

    Why the hell would you give MB's family 750K? lol That's some stupid shit.

  • Anonymous

    Hate on 50 all you want but you cant name another rapper eating off suburban white boys with virtually no effort outside of name recognition and Instagram. Why do you think he smashed Chelsea Lately and Annylyne MCcord?

    • Second Aid Kit

      It's wild how the hater guy is really a G-Unit groupie in disguise! He can even name off the girls Godfather 50 smashed like some obsessed sports fan memorizing stats. I never even heard of the one chick. I wonder if the brutha goes on MediaTakeOut for his 50 Cent relationship gossip news?

    • Bruthadee

      I'm obsessed with white boys too. Wanna skype?

  • Detroit slim

    Why should 50 donate money to some hood ass niggas family?He should donate money to some kind of charity. Im tired of people lookin at that nigga like he a martyr

    • Anonymous

      Floyd went to jail for beating his girl. While 50 was only charged with vandalism and was photographed with his baby momma last week.

    • Cowards beat Women.

      He should donate that money to victims of domestic violence since he is a habitual offender.

    • Anonymous

      I can see Young Buck doing something like that but 50 would prolly give the money to the Police guy.

    • Anonymous

      G-Unit already made a song about the issue and I know Young Buck or Kidd Kidd is selling t-shirts with some of the lyrics printed with the profits going to Michael Browns family or foundation.

  • Bookend

    50 Cent should donate the $750 000 to a foundation that helps illiterate adults learn how to read. That would be a boss move.

  • kennyken

    yeah hit em with the truth Floyd! unloyal 50!

    • Anonymous

      50 aint no house nigga you dumb fuckin hater... fuck floyd mayweather the nigga may be a boxing champion but has a chump personality... im betting all the niggas around him are just wolves waiting for their meal

    • Anonymous

      The house ni99er thought he could get Floyd to rip apart another Black man in the white media but Floyd pissed on that negro's Soul and didn't feed into the hype and let the negros albums flop.

  • Anonymous

    Of all the people you could give money to he says Michael Brown's family? What kind of a difference is that going to make? What is that going to change? Floyd really is dumb as rocks.

    • Anonymous

      Rumor has it brother Doodoo doesnt even support his children

    • Anonymous

      If only Bruthadee would have donated some of his hard earned DJ money to M.B. 2 months ago he could have paid for those cigars like a regular citizen.

    • Anonymous

      White people have donated half a million dollars to the white man that murdered Michael Brown so you people shouldnt worry about we're our money goes.

  • Sovereign

    No he shouldn't. Donate money to Michael Brown's family for what? It's not like Michael contributed financially to the family and donations would be used like insurance, to bridge the gap. It's time to stop profiting off of the situation.

  • Anonymous

    750k for being the family of a theif?

  • CAL Boss

    Beef started off cool, but now it's just lame shit. I wanna see these niggas battle and shit. I wanna see entourages shooting and niggas getting blasted!

  • ClownAss50

    50 cent is a clown ass negro. Money Mayweather has exposed you clown. Now what?!!! You gonna vine some more bullshit. Throw another tempur tantrum. FOH!!!!

  • Anonymous

    lightweight ether from money may..

  • Not Impressed

    50 Cent fans remind me of those kids on the playground who egg on bullies. They admire the bullies strength and supposed confidence, because they lack those traits, not realizing the bully only acts this way because he's at home getting fucking by his father. You can tell 50 Cent is one of those kinds of people. He has a lot of cheer leaders and fanboys that admire his "tough" act, and co sign every childish thing he does, but no one wants to acknowledge the elephant in the room, his deteriorating mental state. 50 Cent is the kind of dude who cries himself to sleep alone at night. I feel sorry for him and his pathetic followers. I'm not impressed

  • cassie

    Again.. anonymous idiots. 1. Where is Floyd's donation to Michael Brown? 2. G unit made a song and video and t shirts with the proceeds going to the Brown Family 3. The Gamboa getting knocked out comment: Adrian Broner got knocked out! It happens But you hating ass crab in the bucket ass people want to hate

    • Ghost

      What makes a child illegitimate? Do I sense some jealously Bruthadee? I know it sucks that you will never have kids of your own but at least you will always have 50 Cent articles to troll online.

    • Anonymous

      I would rather give my money to Fiddy by buying his albums and free EPs so he can buy his illigetimate children toy cars....get dat gaup Fiddy!

    • Anonymous

      Why should Michael Brown's parents get 50 Cent's money? So they can buy a Benz and a new flat screen? That will make great difference. Screw feeding the kids in Africa and the USA or giving back to his own community, give that dead kids parents some more quap.

    • Anonymous

      Floyd already stated his charitable contributions, nothing corny about reading books. We are talking 50 Cent donating money not G Unit songs and cheap T shirts to rip people off. Adrian Broner is managed by Al Haymon and promoted by Golden Boy and he has never lost by KO he lost by decision so what does he have to do with anything? Gamboa is signed to SMS promotions and he lost by Technical Knock Out because he stopped using the steroids he got caught using. How can you call somebody a hater or a crab when the rapper you love so much is the biggest crab and hater in all entertainment?

  • Trav

    I blame Floyd for being stupid enough to befriend a snake nigga who has no loyalty in his blood and cant inspire loyalty from the people in his life which is why he beats his women and publicly criticizes his artists...he can even get loyalty from his own son.

  • Anonymous

    fuck yall eat a dick u faggots

  • Anonymous

    notice 50 aint making any instagram videos now that Floyd is responding

  • Anonymous

    Lets see if 50 takes the challenge and donates some money to MBs family or if he makes a video defending the Marshall that murdered MB

    • Anonymous

      why should his family get paid when hundreds of others get killed by police every year and get no coverage or attention let alone charity.

  • Anonymous

    Mature response, thats how you handle a monkey. Im glad Floyd is bringing peoples focus back to the issues that our community is focused on instead of the monkeyshines and Koonery

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