T.I. Discusses Young Thug's Fashion Sense, "Paperwork: The Motion Picture"

T.I. preparing to release "Paperwork: The Motion Picture" during "Libra season," speaks on Hip Hop and fashion.

While presenting “some of the most stylish, but diverse pieces” from his clothing lines while at the Agenda trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Atlanta rapper T.I. caught up with Peter Rosenberg to speak on both his Akoo and Hustle Gang clothing lines.

The Hustle Gang helmsman also spoke on Hip Hop and fashion while addressing the two clothing lines. He revealed that he’s never been influenced by Hip Hop when it concerns his choice in fashion and says that may stem from him growing up in the South.

“I don’t recall ever looking to Hip Hop or figures in Hip Hop for fashion,” T.I. said. “I never had a pair of Hammer pants…I did try one cross-color suit. Didn’t like it. Maybe that’s because back in my day as a child Hip Hop was primarily Northern East Coast. And people in Atlanta our style has always been considerably different.”

According to T.I., his Hustle Gang apparel initially started as a means of promotion, but eventually snowballed into its own clothing line due to supply and demand. The rapper also spoke on “the shock value” that comes with him taking part in business ventures outside of music.

“Hustle Gang is thriving,” he said. “Doing phenomenal. And we just have huge retailers like Footaction and Athlete’s Foot and so on and so forth that have continued to support the brand. And the people continue to support the brand…There was such a heavy demand for it. Supply and demand. If there’s a demand we must supply it…I enjoy shocking the shit out of people. As soon as they expect me to do well in one area then I kind of venture out into another one. And me doing well in that area will give me the shock value that I want.”

During his interview, T.I. was asked about fellow artist Young Thug and if he thinks the rapper is aware of how much conversation his sense of fashion sparks.

“I think so. I think he’s aware of it,” T.I. said when asked about the rapper. “I think he’s aware of it and I think he embraces it.”

Lastly, the Southern wordsmith shared that fans can possibly expect a special Hustle Gang piece in honor of the release of his upcoming album, Paperwork: The Motion Picture. He also revealed that the album will be released some time during “Libra season,” which takes places from September 23 to October 22.

T.I.'s interview with Peter Rosenberg can be found below (via SlamxHype.com).


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