Snoop Dogg Blasts Star For Criticizing Todd

Snoop Dogg calls Star a "jealous ass nigga" and says, "I'll beat your motherfuckin' ass."

Snoop Dogg, who recently received criticism from Starr regarding his videos as Todd, a White man, has responded to the host with an Instagram caption. 

"Here's the bitch as half nigga star that's hatin on Todd ! Jealous ass nigga," Snoop Dogg says in a caption on Instagram.

The caption is for a screenshot of an article about Star's comments. In his comments, Star said:

"He’s gotten a pass long enough,” Star said of Snoop recently. “I haven’t really went in on him—pause—like I have other people. There’s no particular reason why I haven’t, he just doesn’t affect me. I don’t take him seriously. He’s not a pimp. I’ve never really had an issue. I never gave a fuck about his music. What is it he did with Dr. DreThe ChronicThe Chronic was banging. 'Gin and Juice' was my shit. But after that, I couldn’t name one fucking Snoop Dogg track if you gave me a million dollars. I don’t know what the fuck he did down atPriority Records. I have no concept. But nigga you need to pump the fucking brakes. He’s now painting his face white, wearing a white wig, running around calling himself Todd. Nigga, what the fuck are you doing? People are down in motherfucking Ferguson, Missouri, this is the pulse of the nation right now. He picks this time to come out with some stupid shit. He’s got some corny people around him, amping him up, smiling." 

In another recent Instagram clip, Snoop sends a video message to Star.

"I read that comment you said," Snoop Dogg says. "Nigga, I'll beat your motherfuckin' ass, nigga. Don't be talking shit about me. You don't even know me, cuz. I can have fun. I can do what the fuck I wanna do, you bitch-ass nigga. Suck dick or die trying."

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  • Anonymous

    "gangstas dont get manicures and their nails painted" no man has an excuse for painting his nails or kissing another man in the mouth, these Rap dudes need an intervention, this whole androgyny shit should have died out with Prince, MJ and boy bands with their mullets." ^ spoken like the consummate immature pussy you keep on eating dirt from your fingernails thinking your savage, filthy way of life is the truth, with your ol' the same pubic hair since you were a teenager ass. Manicures take away DEAD SKIN, clear polish STRENGTHENS nails. Bet your toes look like broken rocks, no clean woman wanna lay with YOU. Bitch ass trying to tell all men that HYGIENE isn't manly. Go clip your nose hairs you nasty fcuk.

  • KJunior (EA Streetwear)

    Hmm...I can understand both Snoop and Star's point of view. it is what it is. If you need any graphic work done; album & mixtape covers, brand logos, flyers + more, HMU on IG & Twitter @gwill89gfx. Also gotta clothing line, @endlessambition_streetwear str8 outta H-Town.

  • Anonymous

    Snoop ain't kicking anybody's ass lol 130 pound weak ass nigga.

  • foekist

    I have been a fan of Snoop since Gin & Juice. But I gotta say, if Eminem did this... forgetaboutit!!!!! I don't see the humor in what Snoopy did.

  • Nick T

    Snoop is like an author with writer's block. That nigga can spit. We see it here. He's a REAL nigga. But he just got too commercial and scripted. Then again, I'm 25 so I remember when stupid ass white christians bought his records out and steam-rolled them. Saw it on the news. Then this nigga came out like nothing we had ever seen before. He got old, corny and predictable. I still love him and appreciate what he did, though.

  • Anonymous

    Why when some one tell the truth the always want to fight....IF this was a white celb who came out the BLACK FACE people would be all over him...HELL they got over Nick Cannon for doing that shit

  • Anonymous

    ah you gotta love hip hop, when to 40+yr olds start actin like 16yr old boys its always entertaining.

    • Kizman

      If your not from our state... Snoop actually drives around by himself in a low rider. If you drive around long enough you will seem him around most hoods in So Cal. I dont know of any other famous person who goes around with that much respect. Don't get Pimp slapped!!!!!

  • The Original Prince

    Snoop, why you let the boy tax you? You're bigger than that shit. Walk your walk, bro. Hang tough and keep the faith, Randall

  • Anonymous

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  • 1

    He can act mad but real niggas aint falling for that shit Gtfo biatch

  • 1

    Snoop can only try to beat up a bitch nigga Scared ass skinny ass nigga aint worth shit in a fight He aint beating nobody up. weak ass nigga He aint shit! Put ya money where ya mouth is You gon be picking up ya teeth of the floor!

  • Anonymous

    "gangstas dont get manicures and their nails painted" no man has an excuse for painting his nails or kissing another man in the mouth, these Rap dudes need an intervention, this whole androgyny shit should have died out with Prince, MJ and boy bands with their mullets.

  • Malcolm X

    When someone tells the truth about yourself the person excuse/term is "hater or hating ass nigga or you broke ass" smfh.

  • white man

    snoop come here and suck my dick.

  • Anonymous

    "So entertainers can earn passes to be racist?" ^ smh Many of you have no idea who's racist and is a big time celebrity. After all, why would they tell YOU they are? All y'all do is presume they aren't because it isn't blatant. But y'all NEVER address the COMPANY funding said racism! Tropic Thunder had Robert Downey Jr in blackface but I BET many of y'all crying about Snoop saw Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, and The Avengers with him in it. Tropic Thunder was through Paramount, which is thru Viacom, which owns BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION, which had one of their producers clown Blue Ivy's hair. Snoop not putting on the makeup ain't gonna stop them from getting another actor, the SAME WAY it don't stop a bunch of desperate O & Y actors shucking & jiving on commercials for a dollar. Talk to me when y'all ready to address the media and the corporations who got high paid lobbyists (blacks too fighting against YOU) to keep us stupid thru media.

    • Anonymous

      " even in 2014 thousands of white college kids don Black face and have "Black Face Parties"" Got any proof Bruthadee or is this one of your kooky conspiracy theories based on a few pictures you've seen. I don't understand how a 40 year old black guy knows what goes on a white boy college parties...

    • Anonymous

      What happened when you put your hand in the jelly bean jar? The black one stole your watch ..

    • Anonymous

      Knowledge Born. White-skinned people invented Blackface so that they could degrade and dehumanize so-called Black people for their own enjoyment and entertainment, even in 2014 thousands of white college kids don Black face and have "Black Face Parties" we're they use racial stereotypes and racial caricatures to mock Black people as a form of amusement and entertainment. A Black man putting on white makeup is about as "racist" as Michael Jackson peeling his skin and conking his hair in order to look more like a German Nazzziiii or David Duke.

    • you can't be serious... do understand that the whole point of robert downey jr. being in blackface was that his character was a white actor in blackface taking his role too far, right? he is an actor playing an actor in blackface to illustrate that blackface is a no-go. there isn't anything racist there. in fact, it's the exact opposite. looks like the only one keeping you stupid here is yourself, homeboy.

    • Anonymous

      Shut your wannabe smart ass up.

  • Anonymous

    its more funny than racist. the funniest part is the timing. with ferguson and everything

  • KelzCT

    Star went in on Snoop tho lmao.. star vs snoop would be some real shit i would pay to see

  • Anonymous

    Todd is a such nice person. We luh snoop dogg

  • Mack

    Star's like the pale version of Uncle Ruckus.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Remember this song "No Funs Allowed" (Snoop Lion feat. Drake)?

  • Anonymous

    Snoop Lion is pitiful.

  • Anonymous

    snoop iz da realest nigga in da game

  • Anonymous

    Have to agree with Star on this one. With all the shit going on no need for a blackman to be acting like whites with face paint and all that bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    doggy fizzle televizle

  • gin n juice

    snoop trying to fight would be comedy I laughed my ass off at him trying to run from the police in his No Idea video he so lanky skinny n awkward

  • Renzo rollin

    Snoop the most immature 40 year old.

  • son of a sax

    Snoop fell off a long time ago. So, if he wants to run around, doing silly ish like this. Just to stay up in the now. So be it. smh

  • Anonymous

    Star ain't half a nigga, he is half a crackka

  • RIQ

    Youngsters now callin us busterz? All you novice rap fans dissing OG snoop dizzle u wrong! Like he said he can have fun shit the whole joke originated from whites havin that laugh on us!!! When you get older you dont take your self as serious as lets say when snoop entered if u recall he was a shy guy didnt really look up into the cameras and shit and NOW fuk hes a brand! I salute you Snoop but i also RESPECT MY OG ELDERS CAUSE SOON I'LL BE THERE...BUSTAZ

  • Anonymous

    Starr is gonna say that he will slap snoop dogg and then when he see's him, he will get scared and refuse to slap him

  • Anonymous

    snoop iz a worldwide legend but who tha fuck iz star?

  • Real Talk

    Although that shit was funny as fck, cuz snoop played tha shit out that white guy character , if a white person did it, who knows what the world would do. And I'm usually the one talking about white people try so hard to act black. Even tho clearly a joke, if a white painted their face black and said they like to play dominoes, shoot dice and hit the strip clubs. Al sharpton would being doing a press conference moments later.... But I fucks with Todd hahaha And star like Charlemagne they just reaching for a story, can't take them serious, that snoop clip takes nothing away from fergueson....

    • Sypha

      How do you steal a sport? Lmao you sound upset because African-Americans are just better at it than you

    • Anonymous

      none of that sounds sterotypical to me... blacks love them some guns, chicken and fake gold, cant forget the basketball which they stole from whitey...

    • Anonymous

      I was responding to first Anon who seems to forget that whites use Blackface all the time in all areas of entertainment and their is no fuss except Rush Limbaugh rushing to the defense of people who enjoy it. Go Google "Black Face party" if you want to see some real Blackface with Malt Liqour, fake gold chains, fried chicken, guns, basketballs and other stereotypical props.

    • Real Talk

      @1st anon i don't know how to reply, haha don't know what u disagreed about? Second Anon don't know if your talking to me or the 1st anon

    • Anonymous

      Bruthadee is a middle aged racist troll with overgrown fingernails

    • Anonymous

      Child please, go watch Tropic Thunder if you want to see a white boy doing BlackFace and getting love for it. White people spent hundreds of years doing BlackFace to dehumanize and denigrate Black people to justify their oppression and subjugation of an entire group of people so dont compare it to Snoop turning himself into Michael Jackson.


    damt that instagram video is so motherfuckin' gangsta imma respect that

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    lmao now watch that all-talk-and-no-action ass nigga Star get his "gully nigga" on and try to body Snoop on camera (and fail miserably while doing so) snoop ain't beating anyone ass. he always comes across as corny and he surely ain't no gangsta but he's plugged in with every gangbanger in l.a... star might talk his shit and get his lil views but he don't want that action and don't even get me wrong I fucks with star since the hot 97 days but son lost my respect after the shebro situation

  • dogg

    First Off Starr is a bitch ass fagget second off if you heard the murder was the case soundtrack the song 21 jump street has todd on the end.. second snoop has classics and third... this nigga has dropped numerous world wide hits in the 2000s, Beautiful Drop It Like its hot list goes on!!!! Star Suck Dick FAGGET ass NIGGAA... SNOOP A REAL NIGGA CAN DO WHAT THE FUCK HE WANT

  • Anonymous

    I tought snoop dogg was trying be peaceful lion ?angry dangers words.

  • Anonymous

    LMAOOOO this nigga Snoop's a lunatic But seriously, fuck anyone who's offended by that corny ass Todd shit

  • White_Boi

    I've got no clue who the fuck Starr is, but he's right, Snoop Dogg is a fucking moron doing this. If a white guy blacked up there would be fucking uproar, but the other way around Snoop thinks its funny? Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion, whatever the fuck you're called these days, just go and retire, you've made your money, you're 42 years old, you're not a gangsta or a pimp, you're irrelevant in hip hop now, just call it a day and show some respect.

    • Bruthadee

      a white boy fucked my sister and left her with a baby that i have to support so im mad at them all

    • Anonymous

      White people have been blacking up for years, just look at Ted Danson or Robert Downey Jr, every year millions of white kids throw "BlackFace" parties were they wear BlackFace and imitate the most negative Black stereotypes that exist.

    • White MAN

      I don't feel offended by Snoop Lion's joke. But you're right on one aspect, his music sucks.

  • Anonymous

    snoop tasted them lil debbie cupcakes

  • Does anybody make real sht anymore?

    Snoop has earned the right to do wtf he wants in entertainment, i my opinion. Call me a hypocrite because I was hatin on the fact that more rappers didnt talk more ish about Ferguson, MO - bu tthat has nothing to do with the fact that Snoop has and will continue to do characters AND make gangsta music as well as crossover (pop) music. soundcloud dotcom/lumpbeats

  • Jojo

    I've been a fan of hip hop for almost all my life, I am Mexican and have many African American friends who are really offended by the N word and don't use it. I guess my question is with many artist such as lil Wayne, Kanye, snoop the typical run to Twitter when they think something racist happend and speak on it artist. Why use the N word at all period how can a word not be expected to be used if it's exploited by the same people angry of that word. This isn't a justification for the word by any means I would never use the word it's shameful and has no place in society. But with artist putting it in every record and like with this post, I mean come on snoop how many times did u use the N word. Really with all the vocabulary words you choose the N word to be your sticking point ? I mean if a white kid buys an hip hop album and obviously it's not the edited verson and the N word gets said u don't think he's not singing your songs word for word? Is the message ur sending is it hurts when u say the word, but not as much when I'm cashing the checks? Now I'm also a minority and the word wetback drives me crazy and I don't hear it used as commercially and recklessly as the N word. granted the N words history has a more powerful history to it and if it offends me and I'm not of the particular race, I can only imagine what it must feel like to hear it be used offensively. But I guess my food for thought is our superstar artist and all artist need to stop using such a stupid word so recklessly the word is not gonna go away if these hipster kids in suburban America trying to be cool use it so often because they think "well my favorite artist says it". If these artist really want to be the revolutionarys they make themselves out to be when something bad happens, then live that way. Martin L. King and Malcolm X wouldn't have put out songs " kill this and kill that, That's my N, fuck bitches and get high" then have a rally about change. Those were men with integrity and really stood for something thru actions. Seems like these celebrity's get offended when something bad happens then they all of a sudden find there inner Mr. King and want racism to disappear and they want change up until there next album when they will explote the shameful word and talk about drug dealing and killing. Just my point of view, I hope one day the word will disappear. One love

  • Anonymous

    The reason you don't know his shit after Doggystyle because NY people back then had no fuckin ear to anything outside the 5 boroughs. West Coast was showin East Coast mad love.

  • dk2020

    Star one of the corniest whitest sounding dudes out there can't that drunk ass bitch nigga

  • Lothario

    Snoop is supposed to be an O.G.. He's actin' like one of these new desperate lil' niggas. He ain't a Don.

  • brollya

    bruh one day star go get his ass whopped something terrible... he purpin... how u not know snoop songs after gin and juice... he is the biggest troll ever sittin in the basement doin radio shows

  • Anonymous

    get back on his crip sh*t, lol you always gonna be a trapped in the hood n!gga with the cops running yo' life get that movie money snoop!

  • Anonymous

    snoop is constantly trying to reinvent himself with new gimmicks because no one has cared about his music for decades

  • Anonymous

    i concur with starr. c'mon snoop this shit is getting gay. get on back to that cripp gangsta shit or go home. todd, seriously?

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