50 Cent On Floyd Mayweather: "He Won't Kick My Ass"

50 Cent also says being at odds with Dr. Dre creates conflict with Eminem.

50 Cent's ongoing feud with Floyd Mayweather continues to dominate conversations surrounding G-Unit's recent press run in support of the crew's The Beauty Of Independence EP.

During a recent appearance on Los Angeles radio station Power 106, 50 Cent said more regarding his falling out with Mayweather. 

"Like I always say, he’s like my younger brother, but if he says something I’m gonna respond to it, because I think he thinks he can say anything and do anything publicly," 50 says. "Like he’ll do things and then take it back. You see how he said to T.I., he slept with his girl. Then he said he didn’t say that, he was just kidding. He’s like that." 

50 goes on to say Floyd should reach out to his family.

"He goes through that thing where he falls out with people," 50 explains. "No matter how close they are to him or who they are. He’ll fall out with them, and it just takes him his time to get back around being cool with him. On the part of his pops [Floyd Mayweather Sr.], I’d always say, 'Nah, don’t say that. That’s your father.’ When he was gonna train Oscar [De La Hoya] to fight him, but you wouldn’t pay him. So if you ain’t gonna pay him, how he gonna eat? Champ got a lot of different things with him. Don’t get it twisted at all. He’s still the best fighter...He won’t kick my ass. I’m 220 right now."

Although he may not be completely at peace with Mayweather, 50 Cent says he has a peaceful relationship with Dr. Dre. 

"I’m always going to be good with Dre," 50 says. "To not be good with Dre creates extreme conflict with [Eminem], because Em is my Dr. Dre. And Dre is to Em’s career what he is to mine, so I would never do nothing like that." 

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    I respect that. The ;real will as well

  • IROC

    Five 0 been catching feeling since nobody pay him any attention or listening to his music ,Floyd maybe smaller but he would knock them big azz fronts out your mouth silly rabbit ,Five 0 boxed amateur long time ago now he all blown up on them roids

    • Anonymous

      *clicks on 50 cent article, reads it and leaves comment about how no one is paying attention to 50 cent* LULZ

    • ^ Fuck This Faggot

      Lets see...Oh The beauty of independence EP is at the top of the charts?! Wow? I wonder how that could have happened of no one listens to him? So strange....

  • Bruthadee

    I cannot stop whining about Fiddy Cent my life is so lonely.

    • Homo Riot

      we should Skype again. That was pretty fun the last time we got drunk and listened to Wale while sharing each our sexual fantasies with each other. I loved the one told me about you getting date raped in jail by a fat black C.O. who put molly into your kool aid without you knowing it.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous


  • Tha Don

    from 50 Tyson, to 50 Mayweather...

  • Aaaa

    rap music ruiend my life so i have quit it and come to this hip hop site to warn yall not to partake. i had no parental figures AND i started copying rappers and basically fucked my life up cuz that lifestyle cannot be sustained in reality

  • Anonymous

    another 50 cent mayweather article. yawwwwnnnnnnn. in other news i just took a shit and i feel stupendous.

  • Boston hip hop fan

    In a boxing match Floyd would kill 50 but in a street brawl I'd put my money on 50.

  • Anonymous

    Where the hell is Big Boy

  • This Clown

    50 going get a reality check that ego is blowing his head up

  • Anonymous

    HipHopDX should focus on the activism within the Hip Hop community surrounding the Ferguson tragedy and stop allowing 50Cenr to distract us with his pollution and diversions.

    • Anonymous

      bitch shut the fuck up, no one is forcing you to read and comment on every 50 cent article. most people ignore things they dont like instead of bitching. HHDX probably isnt the place to find activism in the hip-hop community try WSHH

  • JJ Evans

    Hell hath no fury like a bitch ass nigga scorned smh

  • Shady House

    "Im always going to be good with Dre," Floyd says. "To not be good with Dre creates extreme conflict with [Eminem], because Em is my Dr. Dre. And Dre is to Ems career what he is to mine, so I would never do nothing like that." Should be 50 Cent says.

  • Anonymous

    I like 50, but I would get Pay Per view to watch Floyd dump his ass in the ring

    • Anonymous

      I would pay to see that too. He needs to be taught a lesson.

    • Anonymous

      Floyd is no doubt a tough boxer and really good. But 50 is a golden glover boxer at 220 lbs. Do the math bro...

    • Anonymous

      Floyd is 5'8", 150lbs. He's tiny and his hands are brittle. Fif is about 6' and easily over 200lbs of mostly muscle. Floyd would never be able to drop him but he probably would be able to do his defensive thing and win on points. But in a street fight, Floyd would get destroyed by 50.

    • Anonymous

      he got like 70 pounds on floyd he aint going out like that

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