50 Cent Says Floyd Mayweather "Falls Out With Everybody" Including Family

50 Cent says Floyd Mayweather "don't want to fight."

After saying he would be willing to fight Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas, Nevada next week, 50 Cent was asked about a potential bout with the boxer.

"He don’t want to fight, man,” 50 Cent says in an interview with Radio Rahim for Seconds Out. "Look, that’s my baby brother. He’s responding to what I’m doing by saying that.”

50 Cent went on to say that there is something unique about his interactions with Floyd.

"We don’t necessarily play like everybody else,” he says. "It’s a different thing.”

50 also references Floyd Mayweather’s family during the interview.

"You don’t see how he falls out with everybody?” 50 says. "His father, his mother, Fannie, Tawana, Devon, everyone close to him."

This continues an ongoing feud with Mayweather which has included several Instagram posts mocking the boxer’s reading ability.

For more on 50, view the DX Daily below.



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  • Anonymous

    50 needs to be the last person talking about falling out with everyone..everyone from g unit, to his son to damn near everyone fell out with 50.

  • TruToThe

    This dude is a child.

  • Anonymous

    Gay love is so childish.

  • Anonymous

    I thought rappers turned actors, not socialites???!!!!

  • stfuuignants

    lol is 50 talking about hisself?

  • kennyken

    the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black

  • Anonymous

    real talk as always

  • Anonymous

    Chris should be curtis, my typo.

  • Anonymous

    The irony. Chris used to be friends with game until he got all greedy, taking credit for games hard work. He used to be friends with rozay until Curtis dissed him one day just because rozay spent time with his kids. He was even buddies with g unit until he dissed them all, then had to crawl to them again to get them all relevant. Lets not even get into his marriage and his relationships with kids.

  • Anonymous

    Enough already, shit was funny at first but now it's reaching Lord Jamar level.

  • Anonymous

    50 is probably the only person who can get at Floyd in this manner.... love it!

  • jimjim

    this dude needs to grow the fuck up I mean dam fif leave it alone already acting like you all fucked or something

  • Anonymous

    Floyd would beat the sh*t outta 50 with one hand tied behind his back

  • Anonymous

    what sucks about this situation is that 50 and Floyd were obviously good friends and probably confided in one another. Now you got 50 talkin all Floyd's business and sh*t. That's a punk move if you ask me. What ever happened to the code of the streets? I like 50, but he's somewhat of a girl when he carries on this way

  • Rap-Royalty.Com

    Both of these guys are more alike than they realize. This is just getting lame.

  • Shut up woodface

    Is this guy serious? He's the one who falls out with everyone he knows and starts shit with everyone. Let's see...He cussed out his son over text and no longer speaks to him, he beat up both of his children's mothers, he has beefed with damn near every person ever affiliated with G-unit (Game, Buck, Banks, Yayo, Bang Um Smurf, Domination, Trav, Whoo Kid, Olivia etc) as well as other artists he was cool with. (Nas, Mayweather, Master P, Dr Dre, Vivica Fox, etc) I think the only people this dude hasn't had issues with are Eminem and his grandparents, yet he's talking about someone else.

  • yukon

    No this just seems like projection to me. Look at the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn't Curtis also have fall outs with everyone?

  • Anonymous

    He don't want to fight you cause he'd seriously fuck you up. Stop talking about this man. Is he your gay lover? For a guy making deals he spends a lot of time playing high school games, and doing bottom of the barrel interviews where he shows his true stupidity.

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