Fashawn Says Def Jam Told Him He "Shouldn't Sign With Them"

Exclusive: The Fresno emcee explains sitting down in the Def Jam offices before the release of "Boy Meets World" in 2009.

Just under two months after news of his signing to NasMass Appeal label, Fashawn spoke exclusively with HipHopDX about visiting the Def Jam offices shortly before the release of his debut album in 2009.

Explaining the unexpected meeting that followed, Fash told DX that the iconic label invited him to advise against signing there.  

“I went up to New York, flew up to New York, Boy Meets World era,” he said. “I think this is before the album came out. I was at the Def Jam offices, they invited me up to the Def Jam office. I’m walking through, I’m just looking at the history of Def Jam: LL Cool J, DMX, Hov, Nas, you name it. They invited me just to tell me that I shouldn’t sign with them, that I should not sign with Def Jam. I’m not gonna name any names specifically of who told me that but they invited me and said like, ‘You’re an artist of quality and you’re like a really innovative artist. We’re all big fans of you in the office, but don’t come over here,’ basically. That was just the weirdest thing ever to me. I don’t know.”

In July, Fashawn spoke with HipHopDX about the experience of working with and receiving input from Nas.

"What I gathered is that I feel like I really belong in Rap," he said. "He told me that. He said, 'You're about to do damage in the game.' I needed to hear that from a person of that caliber. His specific words were that I'm 'about to part the game like The Red Sea.' That was big to me coming from The Don.

"I feel like, just on a competitive nature, yes, I belong," he added. "I can probably destroy more than half the rappers out right now. I say that with all modesty. But yeah, I feel like my style is a lot more different. It's a lot more authentic. It doesn't sit comfortably in radio. It doesn't sit comfortably in the mainstream, but now I'ma get the chance to get my tyranny on and just become a tyrant and infiltrate the game and keep carrying the torch for a style of Rap that I feel like Nas invented. I feel like I'm carrying tradition."

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    he's wack anyway

  • Anonymous

    LOL, NO you bunch of sorry ass children......they told him don't sign to them because they weren't going to do his career any justice!

  • He Wack

    I fully understand DJ on this, I would not sign this biscuit head either, he wack.

  • R.Pgh

    Look at the current Def Jam artists. The only ones that appear to have the approval to make the music they want are the established acts (Nas, Roots, Kanye, Common). KRIT is the only one on the roster who's more new school, and dude got barely any promotion for his album. Def Jam is a has been. They aren't innovators anymore. They can't bring on cats like Fashawn because unfortunately Fash won't sell a ton of records. He could drop a near classic (like Boy Meets World) and it won't sell. Def Jam is home to the Iggy Azalea's of the world.

  • Anonymous

    Def Jam wanted French Montana, not this talentless nigga. Excuse My French just went gold.

  • International J

    That nigga smoking that God shit. Here's a translation: "Somebody with a lot of clout at Def Jam told me that I'm way to dope for the label, they said you're gonna be huge therefore we think that you should sign elsewhere! If it smells like shit, and there's a cow nearby. . . . It's prolly BULLSHIT!

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Because Def Jam knows artists like you don't sell records. Creative, passionate & Innovative hip hop artists attract a fan base that would rather get shot in the head then spend money on music. It would have been a waste of time for everybody involved, consider yourself fortunate that they were upfront with you about it rather then sign you and sit you on the shelf forever.

    • R.Pgh

      Common and the Roots are established artists who've been around for decades. You're not comparing apples to apples. How much album promo did KRIT get? exactly. Plus it took years for the album to actually drop. Def Jam is all about the Iggy Azalea's of the world now. They'll still have their established artist that drop shit now and then (common, roots, nas) but that's far and few between. Plus, Nas already mentioned he's trying to put out his projects quickly to get off the label.

    • Tim E Wayster

      up front? waste my time and fly me to basically the furthest possible place in this country to bullshit me, n tell me no. i think a phone call would have been good. jeez man your view on everything is completely backwards. nice try tho.... ...not really

    • CL Ewless

      shot in the head... you idiots do know that no one makes money off of selling albums anymore right? even thought rock the bells was a fuckin no show this year thanks to that greedy faggot chang, for the past decade a shit load of people been goin to it... n last i checked, that dance music you mistakenly call rap dont have shit remotely similar.

    • RedDottaShottaHeadDroppa

      Hahaha would rather get shot in the head than support. True words there. Can't argue that point AT ALL.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah that's why Common and The Roots just dropped albums this year on Def Jam. I don't hear IG KRIT complaining.

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