Charlamagne Says "I Feel A Little Bad" For Releasing Audio Of Floyd Mayweather Reading

"I just felt like it was something that the listeners deserve to hear," Charlamagne says of the tape.

Speaking with HipHopDX on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards last night (August 24), Charlamagne Tha God explained why he released audio of boxer Floyd Mayweather struggling to read drops for a radio spot. The release of the audio came days into a back-and-forth feud between 50 Cent and the boxer in which the rapper accused Mayweather of not being able to read.

“I’m a journalist right? I feel like, I wanted to know what 50 was talking about ‘cause I didn’t know,” Charlamagne said. “So when my producer said, ‘Yo, we got audio of Floyd reading.’ I’m like, ‘Let me hear it.’ I listened to it, I’m like, ‘Let’s let the listeners hear this to see if he can read or not.’ That’s the question I asked: ‘Ya’ll think he can read?’ So I just felt like it was something that the listeners deserve to hear. I like to give people context to the content that’s constantly out there.

"In hindsight I feel a little bad, only because he was recording drops for us," the Power 105.1 personality added. "I guess that was supposed to be a private thing but you can’t unring a bell. My job is to benefit the listeners first and foremost, entertain the listeners first and foremost, and to get ratings. You can’t get ratings without listeners. So I wanna do things that the listeners enjoy even though you may hate me for it or you may love me for that.”

Late last week, 50 Cent offered Mayweather what he called an “ALS/ESL challenge.” “I will donate $750k to a charity of your choice,” 50 Cent wrote in the Instagram post, “if you can read a full page out of a Harry Potter book out loud without starting and stopping or fucking up. lmao." The G-Unit co-founder continued berating Mayweather via memes on Instagram throughout the weekend and into today.

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  • Rau

    How did the people "deserve" to hear this? Did Floyd owe it to them or what? Also his going overboat by calling himself a journalist, irrelevant ass nigga.

  • floyd

    imma beat the shit outta Charlamagne when i meet him


    This clown ass doesn't feel bad about playing that clip of FM reading. Charlamagne Tha Idiot Ass Clown is not a journalist in any sense of the word. Instead of contributing to the hate, why not try to help FM literacy issues instead of clowing him? Ratings are not everything, especially when they come at the expense of your own brother man, you silly ass negro...

  • Anonymous

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  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    Mothafucka you are not a journalist, and don't disrespect real journalists by saying that. You're a gossip queen nigga, get it straight. And when your career ends after someone public embarrasses you or beats the piss outta you, or both, nobody's gonna feel bad for your bitch ass. What kind of a Man makes a living off gossipping about other people's lives? That's some ultimate bitch shit. They couldn't pay me a million dollars a year to be a bitch ass nigga. I'd rather live in my little apartment and have my fuckin' dignity. I know, that's unheard of these days. Self Respect.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, cause Gucci's fucking insane enough to wax his ass, and 50 could and would beat the shit out of him if it came down to it. He knows to pick his battles. Doesn't mean he's not an asshole, but he's got an idea about what he can get away with in that regard.

    • Anonymous

      Notice how he acts on his best behavior when interviews niggas like Gucci Mane or 50 Cent?


      I'm still pissed at this idiot over how he treated Lil Mamma when she was on the show a couple of years back. He was totally out of line for making that girl cry like that.

    • AR

      With you, bro. This muphucka for years has been nothing but a dickrider. When Jay-Z came to the Breakfast Club, I was actually embarrassed by how Charlamagne was acting. He was like a fucking groupie. This dude's career can't end soon enough.

  • iman

    I saw you in the video dick in the booty ass nigga. Lmao hilarious. I knew somebody was going to dis you.

  • nutso

    how exactly does this benefit the listeners?

  • jimjim

    he knows floyds about to get in that ass

  • White_Boi

    Charlamagne could be about to get his ass kicked!

  • Pete Wells

    Charlamagne another sellout fool who like a house N****'s tries to show master he can be trusted but, not by his own people. Take this clown out & feed him to the lions (Thumbs Down) Punk now claims he feel a little sorry for what he done, fool please. I see why gay rumors were attached to your zza since from here looks like someone was all up in your zza while you tried to clown another brother. You wide nose, big lip CSer, bet you went home feeling good about yourself last night. Its cool though since you know youre as of yesterday no one has your back. Hope like hell a George Zimmerman type guy finds you soon.

  • ob

    "My job is to benefit the listeners first and foremost, entertain the listeners first and foremost, and to get ratings. You cant get ratings without listeners." This statement means that you are NOT a journalist haha

    • blackicebell

      I disagree.. that is the journalist's job. For example, you can be the best newspaper writer in the world, but if it doesn't attract readers, which means more ad money... the newspaper will drop you. He knows his role. Without him, the Breakfast Club would be pretty boring.

  • LyndaAGoldberg

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  • Anonymous

    it was very disrespectful

  • oh lawd whats next from ktt

    Love this guy



    • Anonymous

      Yeah and you must the spokesperson for the KKK and all these records companies feeding garbage to the black youths.

  • Anonymous

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  • da1

    They are a bunch of fags for doing that. Charlamagne better watch himself. I remember seeing. him getting stole off of and then chased on some youtube video clip. He better chill out with that shit before he wind up like Suge Knight or worse.

    • Luigy Thone

      and then those niggas were brutally beaten up, and one of them was shot to death, Charlarmagne got shooters yho...charlermagne got gooons dawg

  • smalls


  • smalls


    • Anonymous

      hip-hop turned corny when niggas started giving passes to cops, c.o., snitches and faggot to come out here and rap like they really in the streets selling drugs and banging when they were nerds and rich kids from the burbs.

    • Anonymous

      lmao classic bruthadee post

    • Anonymous

      HipHop has always been about diss records and verbal battles but we allowed buffoons to hijack our culture and try to Jin it with minstrel antics. Go research the Roxxane wars or BDP Vs Juice Crew, battling and dissing has always been a part of our sport....but Floyd is not a rapper so what is the point? HipHop battles used to be about who had the hardest lyrics and best disses but then around 2003 it turned corny and it became about destroying careers or making skits and cartoons, or videotaping people's mothers or taking bitches shopping....corny shit to distract people from music.

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent learned early in his career that tearing down other Black people is very entertaining to white people and even some lost Black people. We live in a society where stereotypes have been perpetuated that Black people are illiterate, unintelligent and ignorant so it is only natural that 50 Cent publicly mock another Black man about his literacy.

    • Anonymous

      put that in ya crack pipe and toke it bruthadee

    • Lothario

      It's true that black people have had a disadvantage in America, and in many parts of the World. It is true that slavery still has very obvious effects on modern black folk. But on a every day level, black people keep black people down more than anyone. I've lived in the hood my whole life. All I see is black people fighting black people. Black people putting down other black people. Black people discouraging other black people from doing anything good. "You got a job nigga? you a bitch ass nigga!", "Haha, you goin' to school nigga? you a bitch ass nigga!", "Haha, you're polite and well spoken? you're a bitch ass nigga!", "Oh, you carry a gun and sell drugs and don't take care of your kids? nigga!" That's how it is, don't even front. Where I work, it's old white women and men trying to encourage and empower these young black girls and boys, then the girls and boys mothers come in and swear and yell at the teachers for holding the kid accountable and trying to actually make him a respectable person. These black parents are so afraid that their kid might actually learn something and be better than them. Look no further than this website. A positive article or positive song gets NO love. But put on a video of somebody getting beaten to death and everyone will watch it and laugh at it. Black kids are not taught compassion. They are not taught to be kind and loving. They are not taught to respect nature or respect themselves, or question anything. When's the last time you seen a black kid look up at the stars? "Look up at the stars? for what nigga? I ain't gay, the stars are for faggot ass niggas, I'm tryin' to get dis money". The truth hurts, but only because it's effective. Peace.

    • Anonymous

      Bruthadee doesn't know the diff between where and were or their and there.

    • Anonymous

      @Philly we live in a society were Black people are the constant victims of racism and stereotyping. Institutionalized racism is a reality and one of the most damaging stereotypes within this global system of white supremacy...they say that Black people are inferior intellectually and lack the intelligence of other races. Some stereotypes say that Black people are animals who love to attack each other physical and verbal and lack the ability to unify and work together. So while many esteemed members of the HipHop community are unifying over the tragedy in Ferguson we have other rappers attacking an athlete through social media about his literacy... What purpose does it serve to attack a Black mans intelligence and education? I expect the racists and white supremacists to attack us on their websites and on social media but when did they start paying this rapper guy to do their work for them?

    • Anonymous

      bruthadee makes everything about white people. they must have fucked his girl or his sis.

    • andria

      This has nothing to do with WHITE PEOPLE so stop trying to make white ppl part of what 50cent is's wrong to point out that someone cant read..BLACK OR WHITE....

    • Anonymous

      blacks tend to be the ones who tried to blocks his shine, prayed for his down fall, tried to stop him from getting on or take shots for no reason. Some clown rappers dissed him and they never even met him or knew him on a personal level.

    • philly

      it has nothing to do with color . some white pl are illiterate n some black ppl are 2 , some whit ppl are ignorant a$$eS and so are some black ppl , hispanic , asian , dont matter the color , it all boils down to how u were raised and what u took intrest in ,,, obviously .mayweather dosent have to read n never will , he has enough money to do whatever he wants he can pay ppl to read for him , which in my eyes is a disgrace that we live in a ass backwards world , where a dumbass that dont know the differnece between too and two , there and their has more money for jus fighting . then ppl that bust there asses 40 plus hours a week and actually keep the important things in this world that we need going ... and u idiots jus keep going along ... stop payin these superstars all this damn money n the world would be a little different ... the hell wit keepin up wit the kardashians and shit , im the biggiest sports fan there is but siomeone gbetting 10s of millions of dollars for a fight is insanity ... then u pay ur hard earned money to watch the shit on ppv ... so able to read or not , whos the real idiots . obviously he smarter then u guys . he made millions of all of use

    • dnucks

      I feel you on that....50 rarely criticizes white people or other famous white entertatiners....its always black ones....

    • Anonymous

      Bruthadee is a cancer to the internet, a complete loner who takes selfies in his hooptie and has long fingernails. He reminds me of Chris Rock from New Jack City.

    • Anonymous

      Dude is a cancer to the culture, a complete buffoon, he reminds me of Stefan from the movie Django.

    • Anonymous

      More hypocrisy from bruthadee. You be on EVERY 50 article tearing down your fellow black man Curtis Jackson in such a way that has everyone on this website concerned for your mental health and the safety of everyone around you.

  • NoSnitches

    Floyd have people read for him Join stop supporting instagram an facebook, report all your stuff to the FEDS

  • Anonymous

    Floyd might have Char tied up and beaten like that nigga who robbed his crib while house sitting for him.

  • Anonymous

    Don't feel bad for Floyd? Do you think he felt bad after he public shamed his ex girlfriend for choosing to abort twins from an illiterate wife beater? Do you think he felt bad when he mocked former opponents for things like drug addictions?

    • Justin Hunte

      This is one of the most e-hilarious series of Anonymous comments I've perused through in a while! Sincerely, I thank all 5 Anonymous' and you too, Hooked On Phonic Works For Bruthadee. ...or is it "Anonymi?"...Anonymouses, maybe?

    • Anonymous

      Some middle aged black guy who doesn't know the difference between their and there is defending an illiterate middle aged black guy, LULZ>

    • Anonymous

      Floyd took it too far so he deserves this karma.

    • Anonymous

      Opponents mocking each other is as old as the sport, its a part of the promotion.

    • Hooked On Phonic Works For Bruthadee

      "their is a video" Floyd is that you? Google is your friend. There/Their/They're.

    • Anonymous

      Floyd can read just fine but he has had a stuttering problem his entire life, their is a video online of him reading from a Telepromter just fine, he is far from illiterate even though people want you to believe so. 50 is a wife beater also but he gets a pass because he was owned by Eminem.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga too soft. godfather 50 dont ever feel bad about anything he ever did to a sucka nigga.

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent never pays a bet.

  • Anonymous

    It was a bitch move but the radio whires will do anything for ratings and publicity even if it is grimy.

    • anonymous

      50 lost millions of dollars because of Floyd's immaturity and lack of commitment to that promotion company. Hardly doubt he's upset because "Floyd ignores him"

    • Anonymous

      Pompous? And Curtis isn't? 50 is upset because Floyd ignores him.

    • Anonymous

      that may be true.... but p.huck floyd. that dude doesnt give a shit about anyone and is a pompous jerk

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