West Hollywood Mayor John DAmico Issues Statement Regarding Marion Suge Knight Shooting

"A regular night of fun on the Sunset Strip...was disrupted by criminals," the mayor says.

West Hollywood's mayor, John D'Amico, has released a statement regarding the Suge Knight shooting that took place at West Hollywood, California's 1OAK nightclub. 

"This was just a regular night of fun on the Sunset Strip, and it was disrupted by criminals," D’Amico said in a Los Angeles Times article. "Hopefully the Sheriff’s Department will find out who the person or persons were and prosecute them to the full extent of the law."

An eyewitness also spoke to the news outlet regarding the shooting.

“It was 1:30," the witness said. "I was about to leave, and all of a sudden I heard gunshots. I saw a bunch of people running out. I ran out with them. We were standing outside. Everything was fine at that time. They had it figured out. The cops had their guns drawn towards the doors, and it was a crime scene from then on.”

Knight is said to be recovering from surgery following the shooting yesterday (August 24). The former CEO of Death Row Records was reportedly shot six times.

For more on the Suge Knight shooting, click here.

For more on Suge, view the clip below.


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