Dizaster Says Cassidy Thinks He's Above Battling

"I think everybody should really support me," Dizaster says, "because Cass really, legitimately thinks this shit is funny and that he's just better than everybody and that he's above battling."

Dizaster says that he will deliver a polished performance in his forthcoming battle against Cassidy, which is slated to take place in Los Angeles in December. 

“I’m definitely gonna be extremely versatileI have enough time,” Dizaster says according to a story on BattleRap.com. “I’m definitely the right guy to battle Cass because I’m gonna bring so many different styles and elements into this. I’m just gonna make it an extreme classic. People are gonna be proud of what I’m gonna do. I think everybody should really support me because Cass really, legitimately thinks this shit is funny and that he’s just better than everybody and that he’s above battling. I don’t know how much he really thinks that himself, but it seems that that’s what he’s [saying].”

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  • Anonymous

    Even Swizz Beatz would destroy this guy if they battled.

  • Anonymous

    I still have not heard Cassidy co-sign this battle and WHY would he battle DIZ when TOTAL Slaughter offered him 250K to battle there is NO WAY he is making that money anywhere else

  • Anonymous

    id love to see dizaster battle gucci mane. burrr burrrrr!!

  • MiztheChamp

    Why would Disaster even think he could fuck with Cass in any way. He has no style and sounds STIFF as hell. I don't care how many multi-syllabic phrases he puts together.. He sounds like a rhythmless buffoon.. Cass has a soulful approach to his lyrics that Diz could never duplicate in any way, shape, or form..

  • CAL Boss

    This nigga gonna kill Dizaster in a battle. Thing is, Cassidy is arrogant and annoying as fuck, almost as bad as Murda Mook.

  • r1cka1me1da

    People in the comment section talkin like cassidy hasnt won over a thousand battles undefeated...Ask Swizz beats and any artist from philly from that era...Theres a BIG chance that dizaster is bout to be destroyed

    • seedub05

      a thousand my dude? bullshit. on the flip side, Diz has 73 battles that are captured on video. Cass has...1..and he's from the freestyle era which is the era Diz started in. this battle shit takes conditioning. if you're not constantly doing it, you're done. Cass hasn't battled in years. he's about to get bodied

  • Anonymous

    Diz is going to destroy Cassidy. So who has Cas battled besides Freeway? I like Freeway's music but he's not much of a battle rapper.

  • CAL Boss

    This nigga gonna kill Cassidy in a battle. Thing is, Dizaster is arrogant and annoying as fuck, almost as bad as Hallow.

  • Divine1-2

    Cass should not take this battle unless that bread is RIGHT. The only comp I can see Cass having is with cats with SERIOUS bars for days and wordplay like a Fab or a Royce..that would be interesting. I fucks with Diz, but Cass is NOT Cannibus. Diz may come at Cass about his declining career as an irrelevant artist but anything outside of that Cass can't be touched. Cass will destroy Diz something serious..it'll be over before it gets started.

    • Anonymous

      do yall even watch battled? Cass is gonna come at Diz with amazing...gun bars. Diz meanwhile will flip the fuck out and hurt his feelings. after this battle, Cass will never step into the ring again

    • Anonymous

      Cosign. Dizaster should to stay in his lane. Dizaster has done some damage in the arena but don't think he's quite ready for Cassidy. Fabolous would destroy anybody on the planet though lol.

  • pinetar

    dizazter suffers from obfuscation...

  • Anonymous

    French Montana would destroy this Disaster chump. He talks way too much.

  • Anonymous

    dizzy will do cass like he did can

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