Math Hoffa Says Dizaster Portrayed As "White Hero" After KOTD Altercation

Math Hoffa says that people are running with false stories about his altercation with Dizaster.

Math Hoffa says that the way TMZ has portrayed his altercation with Dizaster at King of the Dot's BOLA5 event in Los Angeles, California on June 28 is inaccurate. 

"@tmzI guess white guy knocks out black guy is a better story than black guys gets jumped n doesnt back down. Fuck the truth huh?” Math Hoffa wrote on Twitter yesterday (August 27), according to a story on

Another Math Hoffa tweet says that Dizaster is being made out to be a hero of sorts.

"Its not funny that mf is really trying to make this nigga look like a white hero... smh now its I got knocked out?! Where?! When?!" Math Hoffa says.

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