DJ Mustard Details Iggy Azalea Rift

DJ Mustard discusses his problem with Iggy Azalea during a CRWN interview.

DJ Mustard explained during the "CRWN: A Conversation With Elliott Wilson & DJ Mustard” yesterday (August 26) why he had a problem with Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” single, the triple-platinum, chart-topping cut that uses a sound similar to the one synonymous with DJ Mustard. 

“At first I was like, ‘Yeah, you trippin,’” DJ Mustard says in a story that was included in the DX Daily that premiered today (August 27). "I know Iggy. We know her. She used to be chillin’ with me, [Ty Dolla $ign], YG. She used to be chillin’ with us. She knows the sound. She knows how hard we was working to make that sound and for you to go to somebody else or for you to do whatever you did, whatever they did and just be like, ‘Oh this is new and I don’t know why Mustard dissed...’ No. You know why.”

During a June appearance on TimWestwoodTV, YG rapped in a freestyle that the production team behind “Fancy”—London based trio The Invisible Men—borrowed from DJ Mustard’s production style.

“And DJ Mustard, that nigga producers is they jocking / ‘Fancy,’ don’t it sound like he produced that shit?”

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  • fucc

    yall some hating motherfuckers, mustard actually did produce the song (or most of it) for iggy as "leave it" which leaked around end of last year. somehow it changed hands and the producer credit did too if you don't believe go look it up and listen to it

  • lol

    Like my very first comment on this article said.. DJ Mustard STOLE his sound from the Bay Area Hyphy Movement.. that is why him and Mistah FAB had beef, because DJ Mustard wouldn't acknowledge the fact that he got his sound from the bay. Funny thing is the bay cats did it better in my opinion. Keak Da Sneak- Super Hyphy

  • Anonymous

    this nigga acts like his simplistic beats that any child could make in his bedroom are some unique artistic achievement. do u know how many ppl made a mustard beat and then said "nah that's too trashy i guess i cant make beats i gotta do better or quit" and this the only nigga retard who went on to make an album out of it. fool

  • Anonymous

    When did hip hop become so soft that dudes is beefing with the ladies? C'mon son....GTFOH! Your sound? ALL YOUR SHIT SOUNDS THE SAME!

  • Ghostly

    Listen to all you dick riders for izzy just coz shes platinum. I doubt mustard would suddenly have beef with her for the hell of it. Hes most likely speakin the truth n she took the beat to someone else. Wake up you fuckin sheep

  • Anonymous

    Talking bout having a problem with her yet he produced No Mediocre For T.I. And Iggy! Lmao pointless drama people just listen to the music!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    When one of the whackest and least original producers calls someone out, you got to laugh.

    • Anonymous

      No, Mustard is just producer of the moment. Some other producer will take his place next year.

    • tak

      His shit does sound like old Yay Area beats tho...

    • JRich

      Producer of the moment huh...I'm not a huge Mustard fan or anything but it'd be more like the producer of the last 3 years.

    • Yep

      ^^^ You must be an amateur. That happens every time a producer makes a popular song. They don't go to him because his music is hot. They go yo him because he is the "producer of the moment". Radio play is paid for. Jay-z is getting 1/2 his publishing anyway.

    • Boston hip hop fan

      He's whack? Okay he's so wack all these artists out wanna Mustard beat. He's so wack nearly every song on the radio is produced by Mustard. In fact, he's so wack Mustard is the most popular producer out right now

  • Anonymous

    Niggas beats is simple as fuck. You call having 10 tracks total a REAL original sound lol?

    • Real talk

      10 tracks is 5 tracks too many. Track 1: kick Track 2: snare/clap Track3: Hi hat Track4: simple synth loop Track5: "Hey Hey Hey Hey" That's how you make a mustard beat.

  • Lafluer

    I like DJ Mustard production, maybe there's more to the story with Fancy. This sound has been around for a very long time just ask tha Doggpound! 80's synth sounds have always been alive just hasn't been used well but Mustard has it mastered in todays music! His track "Throw Your Hood Up" is a rip from Rick James (Val Young - Seduction) Keep up the good work Mustard!

  • dan

    As if "his sound" is original lol. he's just mad Fancy went on to become bigger than his entire career so far lmao

  • Anonymous

    I though dj mustard did actually produce fancy. so iggy stole her sound and pays ghostwriters to write her lyrics smh. i thought that was just a rumor but i checked the credits on her album and she only wrote about 20% of the songs. paying someone to write her lyrics for her is fake in my opinion because its not her whos writing them and her music is supposed to be about her life. when people listen to iggys music they think she is talking about her own life but how can she be when its other people who write the lyrics. shes speaking on someone elses life and passing it off as her own and that ladies and gentlemen is what you call an imposter.

  • HustlinSinceThe80s

    "Make anotha Hov"

  • lol

    and DJ Mustard stole his sound from the Hyphy Bay Area movement...

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