Young Thug "1017 Thug 3 [The Finale]" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist & Mixtape Stream

Young Thug's "1017 Thug 3 [The Finale]" features Gucci Mane on three of its 13 tracks.

Young Thug released his 1017 Thug 3 [The Finale] mixtape today (August 28).  

The 13-cut collection features Gucci Mane on three of its 13 tracks: "1017 Thug3 Intro (Beast Mode),” "My Bitches Get Money” and "Out the Bowl.”

In a February story, Young Thug expressed his admiration for Lil Wayne.

“That’s my idol,” Young Thug said at the time. "Everything he do."

At the time, Young Thug also addressed his relationship with Gucci Mane, an artist he’s worked with closely as a 1017 Brick Squad Records signee. Young Thug went on to express his loyalty to the currently incarcerated rapper.

“If Gucci Mane said, ‘Fuck you,'” Young Thug said at the time, "you need to please know that Young Thug says, ‘Fuck you, too.’"

The 1017 Thug 3 [The Finale] cover art, tracklisting and mixtape stream are as follows:

1. 1017 Thug3 Intro (Beast Mode) [feat. Gucci Mane]

2. Alphabetical Order

3. My Bitches Get Money (feat. Gucci Mane)

4. Rich Nigga Shit

5. Fuck Ya Girl

6. Out the Bowl (feat. Gucci Mane)

7. 911

8. LA Swag

9. You the World

10. Rollin Rollin

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11. I Ain’t Drunk Yet

12. Hurt Yo Eyes (feat. Young LA)

13. Around My Way (feat. MPA Duke)

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  • Anonymous

    Y'all some real hatin ass niggas like why Tf you niggas hatin on him I support the nigga cus of how I make money and he use to do the same shit so just think about it at least he ain't in the streets and made it now he could support his family without having to worry about gettin locked up like...........

  • Young Guwop

    More like Young thuggin luv. Ole real life gangstalicious ass nigga. A fag callin men bae and hubbie.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    seriously, who's going to buy this homo's album ??

  • Anonymous

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  • iaintseenshitbitch

    Im going to try in keep it positive on one hand im glad dude is getting money and is able to take care of his family that's a beautiful thing but now on the other hand this dude is wack he sound like he been smoking kool longs for 50 years plus he look like he do voodoo and will blow dust in ya face like in serpent in the rainbow who is buying this shit I think im just out of the loop because in any point in hiphop this nigga is wack wack is wack

    • Anonymous

      LOL @ serpent in the rainbow you a fool for that one.... But reality says he will get scraps, not paid. He's still paying back 'Stoner' money to WMG. Gucci's money is now, Baby already working him for the verses as his mgr (what percentage tho), Kevin & Lyor in the wings getting the 360 money for their 'advance'. This is factual info to inform, not to hate. Don't let the affiliations and features fool you, the music will be out there but his business situation is f@cked.


    (Yes Masta)-(Yes Masta)- Music for the slow and ignorant

  • Anonymous

    This dude sounds like a throat cancer patient who is just getting over a heroine overdose, and happens to also have strep throat , and got punched in the Adam's apple by Bruce lee. Fucking pure trash on every song he does..if I was a producer I wouldn't even let him in the studio , or I wouldn't produce tracks that featured him.

  • slap

    I wouldn't even buy crack from a nigga that acts like yung homo thug's bitch ass childs dresses baes lovers his hubby fuck is wrong wit people supportin this shit ? reply - he got catchy hooks n I like his beats! Nah he catches balls in his mouth n u like his ass

  • Anonymous

    n i always been a fan of gucci...only reason i gave this cat a listen...but wtf u doin gucc?? u sittin in the pen n lettin these homo thugs run ur shit?? wtf is goin on wit hip hop man im bout to turn yall off 4 good...

  • Anonymous

    this cat got songs called 'my bitches get money' & 'fuck ya girl' yet all i see is him postin pix in dresses or next to dudes wit captions like 'me n my hubbie' 'me n my love' or 'i miss u babe waitin on my man'...this cat a homo thug...should be young homo thug...gtfo here u switch bish

  • Anonymous

    Gucci got slapped with 39 months a week ago.

  • Young Hug

    Pretty Sure Gucci Said Fuck T.I. I swear niggas be retarded.

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