Louie V Gutta "New Legend" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist, Download & Mixtape Stream

UPDATE: Louie V Gutta's 14-cut "New Legend" project is available for download and stream.

Louie V Gutta is slated to release his New Legend project September 9, an announcement the Philadelphia rapper is making exclusively through HipHopDX. 

The one-time Meek Mill affiliate appeared on Meek Mill’s Dreams And Nightmares album in 2012 and the Maybach Music Group Presents: Self Made, Vol. 3 in 2013, among other high profile releases, and says that his hometown has had a profound impact on rap.

"Philly has a crazy influence on Rap and Hip Hop,” Louie V Gutta says. "Every other city sees Philly as the dudes that can really spit, but as troublemakers. I think it’s a gift and a curse because at least they respect the talent.”

The New Legend cover art and tracklist are as follows:

1. The World (Prod. by Dougie)

2. Did It 4 Us (Prod. by Stoopid/Sarah J)

3. Lord Forgive Em (Prod. by Cooks/Sarah J)

4. Live Like This feat. Wiz Gamb (Prod. by Audio Jones/Sarah J)

5. She Don't Understand (Prod. by RyanRyu/Sarah J)

6. Ride Alone (Prod. by Morris Bros.)

7. Gold 4 Kings (Prod. by Dylan Guye)

8. She Wanna Party (Prod. by Daniel Worthy & The Superiors)

9. How We Do It (Prod. by Diesel Beats)

10. What They Talmbout (Prod. by Young Lan)

11. Yedrakhov This That (Prod. by Young Lan)

12. You See It (Prod. by Oliver)

13. Keep It Trill feat. Trap Street MOE (Prod. by Young Lan)

14. F.W.M. (Prod. by Big Blizz/Stay Shook/Sarah J)

(August 28, 2014)

UPDATE: Louie V Gutta's New Legend mixtape is available for download today (September 9) at DatPiff.com.

It is also available for stream below, as is the updated cover art.

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    where iz dat new jay z music?

  • Anonymous

    It's crazy how this guy don't get no love no more all because Meek Mill was defending some fucking snitches over his own artist.

    • Anonymous

      I only started fucking with him when he left Meek and MMG. I couldn't support him while he was fucking with them clowns but now i can.

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