Dizaster Confirms Cassidy Battle

Dizaster also says he has a surprising match-up scheduled after Cassidy.

Dizaster has confirmed an upcoming battle against Cassidy.

Diz made the announcement today (August 24) to fans, according to BattleRap.

Dizaster, who was recently barred from battling with King of the Dot after an in-battle fight with Math Hoffa, also commented on plans for the future.

For more on the story, visit BattleRap.com.

For more on Battle Rap, view the Breakdown below.


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  • Anonymous

    DizASSHOLE don't want beef with french montana. that nigga will eat diz's ass alive.

  • Anonymous

    Cassidy wins this easy! Give me a fuckin break

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe niggaz think diz is gone get at cass.. yall niggaz can't be serious man. Cass all the way!

  • val

    diz bout to break this man face...again

  • ike brwn

    nobody wan see this bollshit where drake n mook

  • Anonymous

    Cassidy wins this idiot easily.

  • Anonymous

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  • triPAUD

    I don't see how people are surprised when practiced battle rappers win. The biggest reason industry cats lose is cause they're making the change, they're obviously at a disadvantage. Delivery, emphasis and performance are different, not better or worse, but different. The battle rappers have to change nothing in that sense, whereas recording artists have to either learn or relearn the difference of technique. Also most of these battles are acapella, which is another huge difference. Its the same reason people say battlers can't make music. They can, but they're at a disadvantage. They can't just approach the track the same as a battle.

    • Ether

      IDIOTS, Take HEED! Cassidy "The PROBLEM'' puts out TRASH records mostly BUT this niggas saving grace is that HES A BATTLE RAPPER WITH SKILLS he's going to eat DIZ he not like those other industry battle rappers, he's got lines, his style is built far better than diz. just wait, this will be the slaughter we thought cannabis would inflict. Didn't you fucks hear what case did to meek mill pussy ass?

    • makes sense

      -diz battles canibus, canibus pulls out a notebook during the battle, canibus loses -joe buddens battles hollow da don, joe chokes in the third round and drops the mic, joe loses ......... you pretty much get the gist of what I'm saying

    • idkbruh

      idk man cass ate freeway up. You sleepin on a legend bruh im a young buck and i know that yo i live in the west coast and bar for bar that nigga cass wit the best idgaf what a lot niggaz.. don't get it twitsted on that last battle with budden and hollow hollow didn't really do that good and the only way he won was cause budden had a bitch fit..

  • Anonymous

    I'd rather hear cassidy battle him self 4 times than battle default diz

  • AidaRBrito

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  • oh lawd whats next from ktt

    the hustla gonna win

  • Anonymous

    Diz bout to serve this dude.

  • hip hop insider

    Battle Rap today is scripted. Don't you guys know? I expect Dizaster to choke and take a crushing defeat at the hands of Cassidy. Then their going to rebuild Dizaster as an underdog for the next few months to work his way back into a rematch against Cassidy where the build up/storyline will be Dizaster trying to redeem himself and establish his legacy.

    • makes sense

      I can't wait to see Cassidy pull out some rhymes from his phone or a typewriter on some Daylyt shit. Battling another industry rapper and battling a battle rapper is an entirely different concept. Cass better know what he's getting himself into. After all, he supposedly battled a thousand rappers in Philly.

    • Anonymous

      U mean that first industry cat he beat by default? He didn't win, Canibus lost...

    • Mack

      Everybody and their mama can defeat Meek Mill.

    • Anonymous

      it will NOT be a crushing defeat. cass is nice. did you forget how he destroyed meek mill? its gonna be a good battle

    • seedub

      Diz ain't gettin beat by Cass...in his legacy he'll be known as the battle rapper that beat two industry cats with crushing defeats...Cass can't just jump back in this and go at Diz

  • syd

    Easy body Easy body for Cassidy. Diz goin get this work.

  • MELA-D

    he ain't gon make it after cass.cass is still a problem.don't get it twisted.

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