Suge Knight Shot Multiple Times, Family Releases Statement

UPDATE #3: Marion Suge Knight was reportedly taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery after being shot multiple times. Law enforcement officials are now looking into gang rivalry as possible motive. His family has released a statement.

Suge Knight was shot two times at approximately 1:30am early today (August 24) at 1-OAK, a West Hollywood, California nightclub.

Knight was taken to a hospital where he underwent surgery, according to TMZ, which cites eyewitnesses and Knight's family members as sources.

Witnesses at the Chris Brown-hosted event, including model Tyson Beckford and Black Eyed Peas’ Apple de Ap, say they heard four gun shots in the club.

Knight, best known for his work as Death Row Records CEO, was able to walk out of the club on his own, the report says, but police officers helped him into an ambulance.

Knight was one of three people who were shot, according to the outlet. At least one of the alleged victims is in critical condition. TMZ also reports that sheriff’s deputies “had guns drawn as club goers exited with their hands in the air right after the shooting.”

Game was reportedly involved in an altercation with security at the club earlier in the evening. It is unclear if the two incidents are related.

Videos regarding this incident are below. 




  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    lame ass rappers could not do

  • Anonymous

    To all those claiming Sug'ar' is a real nigga, you are correct but he's no real Black man and I stressed the man. Dealing with a bucnk of punk ass gangbangers does not make you tough. Fuck outta here. This dude was exposed by Monster Kody way back because money was crying about shower time. Fuck outta here, you are in jail crying about shower time? p.s. That barber that knocked him was pussy right? Since he did what most of these bitch ass rappers that lame punked out over the years. Ask yourselves (that involves the process of thinking and most of y'all pussies do not have that capacity), why he never tried a Bumpy Knuckles, a Big Pun (RIP) anyone from Cypress Hill, yeah...

    • Cat

      The barber that knocked Suge out is not pussy...Ol boy hood...he with that business...he just happens to be a barber...but he's a man first...not sure of his affiliation if any, but a man is a man....Suge is a bully and has had his hoe card pulled a few times....he need to go sit down before somebody murks his ass!

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    • Anonymous

      Faggot? You are the one sucking this clown's dick; dumb ass, oh you are from LA and.....I just mention Monster Kody, dumb ass, 100x million time realer than that Teddy bear. GTFOH, white boy, go play with your little brother like your pop used to do with you and that thing he had you sucked was not a lollipop.

    • Omfg your a dumb faggot

      ................*yawns* Oh stfu faggot. Your obviously just a hater. Sure he's not a very nice guy, who gives a shit. At least he is a real OG and If you were from LA you would know he still holds alotta clout regardless of bankruptcy or beefs with your idol rappers. And he never said shit to Bumpy or any of dudes u mentioned because they aint fo shit to him, he's not picking random fights with just anyone for no reason you fucking retard.

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  • Anonymous

    its prolly random gully niggas that think he had pac off'ed

  • Anonymous

    I know this dude tired of getting shot

  • IROC

    This is what happens when you mix in wannabes wit real gang members entertainers who have been sucked up in fake world Hollyweird then want to pretend to be gangsta

  • Anonymous

    Suge an og - bin getting hated for years - one of the last real n***** doin it - BIG UP SUGE KNIGT FROM JAMAICA



    • Anonymous

      Chris Brown wants to be shot so bad so he can be like his hero Tupac he's throwing gang signs but no one cares

  • Nick T

    If your not from our state... Suge actually drives around by himself in a low rider. If you drive around long enough you will seem him around most hoods in So Cal. I dont know of any other famous person who goes around with that much respect!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cat

      just because he drives around in a lowrider or whatever doesn't mean he's respected...maybe it just means aint nobody else fuckin with him so he's dolo....Im from LA I drove around in my '64 on daytons at the age of 18 by myself...doesn't mean anything...thirsty niggas will try you whether youre by yourself or not...

    • Anonymous

      Old comment?

    • Anonymous

      and hes usually driving around in a ford pickup truck not no lowrider

    • Anonymous

      lol so you have do dig out this old comment? LMAO

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign. Fuck all the lilltle fanboy haters who hate on Suge because their favourite rapper told the to, smh.

  • Anonymous

    Prayers to my nigga

  • Anonymous

    suge is ja's homie, ja rule will avenge him

  • Anonymous

    ja rule will fuck these shooters up!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    ja rule will avenge this shooting,rest assured!!!

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  • Anonymous

    The black community doesnt give a shit, its ok for blacks to kill each other, they will sit around and wait until another white shoots a black so they can go riot and loot like the chimps they are


    Ok, this is an opportunity for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to publicly condemn black men for shooting other black men. Where's the moral outrage for these crimes or is this just part of being a black man? Well, if it was a white man that shot Suge then they would be outraged.

    • Anonymous

      Nigga stfu. Al sharpton is a idiot, snake in the grass criminal, not much better than Suge.

    • Black Erick

      I highly doubt that the person who shot " Suge Knight" was being paid by taxpayers to protect and serve the community . But who knows I could be wrong .And with thatI bid you good day.

  • gottaGlo

    chris brown is a "rich gang" blood..u kno like wayne and baby..niggas only started bangin once they got rich....thts the only reason why niggaz fuck wit em(money) let a nigga like chris stop buying weed and liqure for the hood and see how quik niggaz turn on em


    The real story here is that Suge is almost 50 years old and partying at a night club full of 20 and 30 year olds

    • Retarded statement

      Exactly. He's a OG. I guess when you turn 50 you go to bingo instead of hitting that fresh puss? Feel dumb now? You should......simpleton.

    • Anonymous

      can u blame him? im gonna be all over them 20 and 30 year old honeys when im his age

  • This is how it went down

    Chris Brown: swoooooop * throws up gang sign* yall better respect this shit *Gunshots* Chris Brown: Mommmmmmy, Ririiiiiiii, somebody please save my fake flaggin faggot azz.

    • @Ghost

      Its not the first time this fake flagging faggot has done this. Its funny when retarded butthurt Chris Brown dickridas get offended when people call him out for GENUINE reasons. Get the woman beaters dick out ya throat before you suffocate boy.

    • Ghost

      It's funny when dumb niggas believe everything they read on the internet

  • world dominator

    'Helped the community'......., SH*T! All Marion Knight EVER did was HELP HIMSELF to DR. DRE's earnings & rights, SNOOP's income & ownership, & DOGG POUND's, & RAGE's & everybody's SHARE of their talents...... He F*CKED SO MANY PEOPLE, got revenge WAITIN' for him every step, & MANY ARE CONVINCED he set up the murders of PAC, BIGGIE & many others! KARMA is a B*TCH!

  • Rihannas Forehead

    Do the Real Bloods know that chris brown is acting like a blood?

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    My Boss Rozay's enemies are dropping like flies

  • bloody brainiac

    Damu get hit and come back 8x worse. WE got ya back Big Homie Suge 212

  • Anonymous

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  • jkjbjkb

    Chris Brown a blood? LOL, this nigga was born in the suburbs And I wish Suge died

  • Anonymous

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  • Sweet Daddy Williams

    Suge aint shit without his off duty Blood-Cops, what a buffoon, how the hell do you lose Dr Dre, Death Row, Snoop and Tupac and then become a human target for bullets and barbers fists? Salute to Daz.

    • Anonymous

      Ok your talking about one guy then. The Mob Piru obviously are not cops smh

    • tigerking79

      Anonymous it isn't a conspiracy theory. Go google the Rampart Scandal of the LAPD. The LAPD had blood gang members on their force. Link here: "May 1998 -- Task Force Created Concerned about a possible clique of officers involved in criminal misconduct -- working off-duty for Death Row Records, robbing banks and stealing cocaine -- L.A.P.D. Chief Bernard Parks established an internal investigative task force. The investigative team, later named the Rampart Corruption Task Force, focused primarily on the prosecution of Rafael Perez. Further audit of the L.A.P.D. property room identified another pound of missing cocaine -- evidence that had been booked on a prior arrest made by Det. Frank Lyga, the officer who had shot Kevin Gaines. At the time, investigators speculated that Perez may have stolen the cocaine booked by Lyga in retaliation for the shooting of Gaines. " Another link: "Investigators had been struck by the life style that Gaines had somehow managed on his salary of about fifty-five thousand dollars a yearhe wore expensive suits and designer shirts, and drove a Mercedesand the connection to Knight and Death Row began to explain it. Detectives found that Gaines had nine credit cards, and among the receipts they found in his belongings was one for a nine-hundred-and-fifty-two-dollar tab at Montys, a Westwood steak house that was a hangout for people who worked for Death Row Records. Poole had heard talk around the force that cops earned big money off-duty working security for Death Row; their badges and gun permits made them especially valuable. But to many cops the gangsta-rap scene as epitomized by Death Row was, on the face of it, a crime scene. Gangsta cool glorified street violence, and Suge Knights legend as a rap kingpin was notoriously colorful; the three-hundred-and-fifteen-pound record executive had, in building and maintaining a hundred-million-dollar enterprise, supposedly dealt with business associates by dangling one man by his ankles from a hotel balcony, smashing anothers face with a telephone, and forcing another to drink urine from a champagne glass. More troubling to law enforcement were the apparent connections between Death Row and violent street gangs. The F.B.I. had been investigating Death Row since 1993, and Knight, who had grown up in Compton, was said to be a member of the Mob Piru Bloods gang, associates of which were among the permanent crowd around Death Row."

    • Anonymous

      Blood-cops?............huh?stfu queer. acting like u supposed to know something. Lemme guess, been reading too much Pac/Biggie conspiricy theorys?? get back in your basement fag.

  • Anonymous

    This is not the first time that Suge has gotten shot at a VMA related party, he will continue to get shot as long as he is around industry events, he is honestly safer in the streets than he is at industry related functions.

  • Anonymous

    bad boy! take that take that! diddy > suge

  • M.O.B'd up

    Fuck all u little fags talking shit about a real nigga like Suge. He got shot 6 times and WALKED outa there himself. Bunch of scared bitches throwing insults from behind the safety of the internet, smh.......pussy ass faggots.

  • Gus

    It was snoop lion/snoop dogg or what ever he calls himself.

  • Furius

    Its bad brother Suge got shot, we at UMF Amsterdam Europe pray for his recovery!

  • Anonymous

    What kind of man is named Marion though, that shit cray

  • Anonymous

    can't wait to see another donkey of the day go down by ambassador of all uncle toms charlamagne tha god

  • Anonymous

    The best time to put a hit on your enemy is when your enemy is around multiple suspects with possible motives, Biggie did not deserve to die and I dont wish death on no man but Suge deserves a couple chastisements.

  • Anonymous

    not sure what is more retarded. the shootout or the glorification that will go down shortly after. black people love bullet wounds and white people love seeing blacks do this BS from the safety of their penthouse apartments

    • Anonymous

      Negroes hate themselves almost as much as they hate each other, Suge is a cancer to the culture, he brings negative energy wherever he goes.

  • Anonymous

    Suge used to be a bully but now he is just a shooting target and a punching bag, looks like Diddy won.

  • Me

    Pac hit him up.. #Payback

  • Anonymous

    The cool thing about Suge is that he has so many enemies that you can put money on his head and the Feds will never know what direction it came from. Suge lost his aura of invincibility when he got knocked out by that gay Barber and was asleep on the concrete.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga iz immortal

  • sum hood

    chris brown throwing up gang signs in a blood bandana smfh he is a joke of a human

  • Anonymous

    he too old to be at the clubs with the young buls

  • D$

    Can the into the storm ads fuck off>? doing my head in...

  • Anonymous

    Ross sent his shooters for that disrespectful comment about playing with his titties.

  • Anonymous

    You get a bunch of millionaire gang members in one place and that gor the nerve to act surprised when some ignorant shit go down?? FOH

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Why does this web site even exist? Every time I type in it just redirects me to This site fucking sucks

  • Anonymous

    Suge Knight keeps getting shot every 2 years and beat up every year. He's always somebody's victim

  • Anonymous

    Dude got more lives then a cat man.

  • Anonymous

    whats this 50 year old man doing at the clubs with bhris breey?

  • CAL Boss

    Suge a real nigga that lives that shit. But it's like, is it really necessary for him these days? I'd chill and just write tell all books if I were him.

    • SoLo

      FUCK that fat bastard...waste of good breathing air fuckin snake ass bitch. Muh fuckas will NEVER get over what he did to Pac. Piece of shit had it comin since 96 fuckin bitch ass

    • Anonymous

      " I'd chill and just write tell all books if I were him" Bet u would u fuckin rat bastard faggot.

  • Anonymous

    Every since Suge got knocked out people have been testing him

  • Anonymous

    He did claim 'Pac (R.I.P) was alive, guess 'Pac came at him for some payback. Dumb ass.

    • Anonymous

      You already posted that on another site, bro. Still funny.

    • LAPD

      Witnesses say that they spotted a dark skinned male around 5'9 160 pounds fleeing the scene shortly after the shots were fired. The mysterious male had a bald head with a very dim nose ring. Local police are searching for a male that fits this description. They are very confident that they will find the shooter within 7 days.

  • kennyken

    man how can brothers continue to live like that. damn suge #getoutthegamealready

  • fuccya

    Shootin a fat man in the stomach isnt really a bright idea.

  • Anonymous

    rumour has it, ja rule one of the shooters

  • Anonymous

    6 shots? i read it was only 2 on another site.

  • Jadakiss

    "And the real niggas will die, the worms will live/ and it's kinda fucked up but that's how shit is"

  • Anonymous

    how many shootings is this now? i would feel like a god if i survived 3 or more shootings.

    • Anonymous

      yeah you would ignorant ass nigga glorifying violence. it aint like you survived it cuz you're super man. it's luck from not being hit in a vital area. a person who survived 10 shootings will go down just as easily as someone who never got into one shootout if you hit the right spot

  • Anonymous

    Why is this nigga so fucking bullet proof!

  • gluver

    I don't think anyone is going to be marching or protesting for Suge.

  • Stop Jayceon Taylor

    Violence at a night club just after The Game was there? Big surprise here. Mr. Robin Hood Project himself the charitable citizen for the people is out here causing a ruckus again.

  • Anonymous

    good thing hes fat, he can take bullets in the stomach and walk right out like nothing happened. ross needs to put that weight back on.

  • Anonymous

    dx mad late on this

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