Man Fatally Shot Backstage At Wiz Khalifa Concert; Rapper Releases Statement, Cancels Show

An "Under The Influence Of Music Tour" stop was cancelled last night (August 23) as a result of a shooting in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A 38-year old man was shot and killed backstage at a Wiz Khalifa concert on Friday night (August 22) according to the LA Times. The shooting took place at the Mountain View, California stop of the rapper’s Under The Influence Tour and was the cause for the cancellation of a planned Chula Vista show last night (August 23).

According to the Times, members of the Mountain View Police Department arrived at the scene of the concert around 11:00 pm after several calls tipped them off to gunshots at the show. The suspect, an unnamed African American male between five-foot-six and five-foot-eight, is reportedly at large. The Mountain View Police have asked audience members to pass on any information or photographs that may help them find him.

The identity of the victim, who was shot multiple times, has not been released. According to TMZ, the suspect and victim were arguing backstage before the shooting. The site also reports that Wiz Khalifa was onstage during the shooting and that police don’t believe either party to be directly affiliated with the rapper.

As a result of the shooting, an Under The Influence tour-stop in Chula Vista California was cancelled last night (August 23). The show will not be rescheduled and those with tickets will receive a full refund from their original point of purchase according to a Live Nation press release. 

Wiz announced the cancellation on Twitter and offered his prayers to the family of the victim.

HipHopDX extends condolences to the victim’s family and friends.

For more on Wiz Khalifa, view the DX Daily below.


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  • Anonymous

    Someone probably tried to off themselves hearing wiz's awful auto tune trash, expecting something ...else I guess?

  • Anonymous

    I don't care what yall say. There is no excuse for a 38 year old man to be at a Wiz Khalifa concert unless he's working security/production/organizing.

  • Money First

    @Anonymous---I don't blame French Montana...I wouldn't have said shit either....Its time out for all this stupid ass shit....These lames shoot each other because they got no hands...Get yo ass locked up in the system and see how the shit goes....No guns so you better get nice with them hands!! Fucking pussy ass dudes out here pulling guns!!!!

  • Anonymous

    How can the suspect of a shooting be an " unarmed man" Come on doggg

    • Anonymous

      It says Unnamed as in they don't know the suspects name. Come on dogggg... don't let your inner Mayweather come out like that again.

  • Anonymous

    I think its G that he even said something about it.

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