Jay Z, Nas, Kanye West, Lil Wayne Criticized For Not Addressing Ferguson

Reggie Ugwu pens an article criticizing emcees for not discussing Ferguson.

Jay Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne are among the artists who've been criticized for not addressing the police killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed Black man in Ferguson, Missouri.

The rappers were named in an editorial piece written by Reggie Ugwu for BuzzFeed titled “Hip Hop’s Top Tier Goes Silent On Ferguson.” The article celebrates efforts made by other rappers, including Killer Mike and Talib Kweli. 

"There has been no word to date from Jay Z, or Kanye West, or Nas, or Lil Wayne — each of who has reaped noteworthy art from righteous indignation in the past," Ugwu writes.

Other rappers have been vocal regarding their thoughts surrounding the Michael Brown killing. Talib Kweli, J. Cole and Nelly have been among the celebrities visiting Ferguson and joining in protests.

Lupe Fiasco urged his fans to join the police department in the wake of the incident. Sage The Gemini said protests should have been handled differently. Killer Mike also criticized the militarized police presence in Ferguson.

J. Cole and T.I. have released songs inspired by the series of events that have taken place in Ferguson and around the country following the news of Michael Brown’s death.

For more on Ferguson, read this editorial and/or view the clip. 





    Let artist be and stop looking for them to be your politician's - when you are famous you might not want to get drawn on matters of Police or Government - you got Colin Powell and Condeza Rice for all of that - let the Politicians get in there right lane and let the entertainers do what clowns do entertain .....stop making cheap pops and calling it journalism ....

  • tim

    These guys aren't leaders.......they make money off of BS

  • David

    I don't know about the rest of those clowns but Nas already spoke up on it---"it's all abpout community let's help ourselves cops brutalize us get dealt with in shells" nasir jones

  • Mac

    They shouldn't have to do anything but besides that Yeezy has a new album coming out pretty soon and ill bet he has something to say about it, actually i'm almost 100% sure he will.

  • zryii

    Either they are criticized for weighing in on topics or they're criticized for not commenting... make up your mind. Why are they obligated in any way to comment? Give me a break.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO @ people expecting Jay Z, Kanye and Lil Wayne to speak up about injustice

    • Mac

      But Kanye goes off about injustice against blacks all the time and so does Jay, in fact pretty much all of Yeezus Kanye was just going off about injustice, educate yourself.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO @ people expecting Nas to speak up when he isn't promoting an album.

  • DX

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  • Anonymous

    Only Nas should respond. Jay is pussy whipped. Kanye is pussy whipped. Lil Wayne is too drugged out.

  • Anonymous

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  • Boston hip hop fan

    This is stupid. These rappers don't owe the people of Ferguson anything and on top of that there could be evidence that comes out against Mike Brown's innocence in the shooting. As far as I'm concerned, no rapper has to say anything and if they do it's only after all the evidence come out and we get take time to evaluate them.

  • Laske

    The reason why they won't speak out is because dumb niggas would make claims that they're trying to sell them something or profit off of the tragedy. J. Cole making the tribute song and going down to Ferguson is a prime example. If I was them I wouldn't go down there either. Showing a famous face won't change the fact that police brutality is a problem for ALL Americans not just Black and Brown people.

    • Laske

      @Anonymous I'm not white you ignorant fuck! I'm black and black on black crime in the black community is daily! We kill our own people and don't march or protest. All we do is sit on our asses and give it the Kanye Shrug. When white or any other race kills a black male is so wrong. You know how hypocritical that is! Over 11,000 black men were killed last year by black men!

    • CAL Boss

      @Anonymous: Nigga, you shut the fuck up. Just because we black don't mean I gotta pay attention every time a brova die. That nigga wasn't a fuckin good guy to begin with. I'm here in the fuckin city trying take care of my own shit and my family and my community, and not be a dumb nigga that has to bait bitch motherfuckin pigs.

    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up. I'm sick of corny white people acting like this stuff is happening to them. It is only happening to people of color. I can name at least 15 innocent black people who were killed in the past 2 years off the top of my head, how many white people can you name without google? Exactly...

  • Anonymous

    why the fuck should they have to? they're selfish like everyone else is...I wouldn't want to talk about it

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    They belong to the dominate society and can't speak for the black race. Bitch ass house niggas!

  • Anonymous

    cuz they are house negroes

  • Anonymous

    y'all sound stupid expecting materialistic rappers to all of a sudden be conscious rappers who care about the community

  • Rah

    Nas has seen shit like this in the 90's all the time at queensbridge. he has no say cause police stupidity has been goin on for a fuckin while now. So what one event got this much recognization. His response would be "great seen this shit all the time, wish something would happen"

  • Annon

    I see a future " boycot" coming on against artist who failed to look back, give back and come back to lift up those in time of crises. Fame for them started in our communities....did they forget that? No one's asking for money... Just time... What does that cost? I would expect more of JZ, but Kanya.. He sold out long ago, he appears souless ad think he's immortal and for that he as absolutely nothing to give back !!!!

    • Anonymous

      aint no boycott happening, boy

    • Anonymous

      ain't nobody boycotting nothing soon as that new music and the web articles pop up people will flock with their short memories and thirst to be accepted people got that HBO special circled on their calender, sniff reality

  • Kreativity Brown


  • Anonymous

    You can't force people to speak and if it's not 100% from the heart why would u want them to speak on Ferguson ? It's up to them to speak on it Not surprised Lil Wayne,Jay-Z & Kanye Kardashian have been silent....

  • tropical cat

    thats like dj khaled not addressing palestine,some ppl just dnt give a fuck

  • Not Impressed

    I don't understand what they expect them to do, they're just rappers. J Cole and Talib Kweli's presence didn't make any difference at all, did it? Killer Mike talking on CNN didn't make a difference did it? So what's the point? Mike Brown is already dead, famous walking around the murder scene or complaining on twitter isn't going to bring him back. I'm not impressed

  • Anonymous

    "Reggie Ugwu pens an article criticizing emcees for not discussing Ferguson. " What good does discussion do? Is Nas discussion going to bring that boy back to life?

  • andre downton

    Its a reason why Tupac Shakur was the Greatest Rapper of All Time. Tupac would of already addressed this situation but rappers like Wayne, jay Z, and Kanye are built that way I am however surprised that Nas hasn't spoken out.

  • Anonymous

    At a recent concert Weezy and Drake did a tribute for Meek Mill who's alive and serving 3 months in protective custody for violating his probation... but they did no tribute for Michael brown.

  • Anonymous

    I am surprised Nas hasn't said anything Jay Z don't give a shit, unless its making him money Kanye West is white Lil Wayne is busy skateboarding he probably hasn't heard the news

    • Anonymous

      those Niggas heard that shit long ago. am surprised Nas did not respond, true Jay Z dont gv a fuck he probably busy thinking about his marriege on wacks. Wayne probably wont say shit coz of those Karate chop lyrics. Kanye is busy blaming blacks.

  • Anonymous

    all these rappers & many more have been talking about this type of violence and police brutality in their music, all u got to do is pick a track and listen! why everytime this happens they want rappers to speak out like they are Al Sharpton or MLK, smh?

  • Anonymous

    what the hell is wayne going to say? hes an uneducated fake gangster / rape victim

    • Anonymous

      FOH wayne from the suburbs outside of NO

    • Anonymous

      as psychology degree he bought, he didnt earn it. he didnt do the school work or study late night like everyone else who REALLY has a psychology degree. famous people get honorary degrees all the time. doesnt make them educated.

    • Who Care

      Wayne actually has a psycology degree, but as my name suggests, as you were.

    • Anonymous

      yes it makes him fake. hes been famous since a child. he was never selling drugs or gang banging. only time he shot a gun was when he shot himself.

    • lol

      Wayne from a grimey ass area bruh. You think just because he's famous as fuck that makes him fake? Smh, think logically lil nigga.

  • Royranger

    Are they political activists...no they're artists. Lt them speak through their music. ...if they choose to. They can't go ham everytime something fucked up happens. Also we're talking about Jay and Ye like everything they do isn't criticized and twisted. For the record kanye retweeted something about it said by Rev Run. If I was kanye's PR I would advise him not to say anything lol. Get a life ppl, fix the problem in our communities then write articles about who didn't say anything

  • JRich

    Oh something fucked up happened? Let's write an article about how Nas and Kanye need to become spokespeople because they can rap good. Should they say something? Yeah, probably, just because they have the platform to do so. But they aren't obligated to do shit, and now even if they do say anything in the future it would just seem disingenuous. Maybe this guy could've just requested that more noteworthy people spoke out instead of just being another angry black guy that gets nothing accomplished.

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Stop turning to rappers when shit hits the fan. What exactly is anything they have to say going to help? Nas, Jay, and Kanye been speaking about real shit their entire career. Problem is, motherfuckers don't listen. What's happening in Ferguson can't be solved by entertainers, it's got to come from within. And judging by all the looting and violence that took place, that had nothing to do with Michael Brown and was actually highly disrespectful to his parents, it further shows how we as people just don't generally give a fuck about one another. Until that changes, nothing Nas, Jay, or 'Ye would say won't matter.

  • Anonymous

    they are jut slaves to da white record labels, so they can't talk about this situation. even kanye can't rant about it.

    • grizzly

      nigga you and everybody else a slave working for a white man these guys are millionaires they can quit and leave good which they do anyways and fuck mike brown

  • Anonymous

    French Montana is about to address this horrible event.

  • Anonymous

    wow a bunch of fools jumping to conclusions and then you turn on the ones who dont do as absurd or asshole decisions you all make. disgraceful

  • QB

    Those cats (with the exception of Nas) will never take a stand for anything. Jay-Z kept his "charity" deal with Barney's despite multiple cases of them racially profiling and even arresting Black people just for trying to shop in their stores. A well paid Uncle Tom will always do what Massa tells him...

    • lee Miller

      Umm u forgot Kanye went on mtv and said george bush doesn't like black people and was crucified.

    • white people suck

      Right? And as soon as you bring up a rapper who gets even somewhat moderate radioplay they're like "FUKK THAT NIGGA!!" The users on this site are so fucking annoying, even worse than those niggas who stan post-Carter 3 Lil Wayne.

    • lol

      You dusty ass niggas will do anything to defend someone who doesn't put out #1 hit singles.

  • Anonymous

    G-Unit made a dope song about what's going on.

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