Ganxsta Nip Discusses Writing The Geto Boys' "Chuckie," Being "God Of Horrorcore Rap"

Exclusive: Ganxsta Nip says his "God Of Horrorcore Rap" album showcases his artistic versatility.

Ganxsta Nip says that he wrote the landmark horrorcore rap song “Chuckie" for The Geto Boys while at a beach house in Galveston, Texas. 

"It was just so far to the left and so original,” Ganxsta Nip says of the 1991 song during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. The song was inspired by the Child’s Play series of movies that featured Chuckie, a doll possessed by a serial killer. Bushwick Bill performed the song on The Geto Boys’ 1991 album, We Can’t Be Stopped, which was certified platinum and is the Houston rap group’s best-selling album.

Ganxsta Nip says “Chuckie” fit in with Rap-A-Lot Records owner J Prince’s desire to have envelope-pushing music and led to his signing with the label as a solo artist. 

”We just had something that had never been heard and that’s what J wanted,” Ganxsta Nip says. “I was raw too, so you know, being in Rap-A-Lot, you got to be real. Being a rapper, if you ain’t about it, then don’t be in Rap-A-Lot. It’s like Death Row, gangstas. And that was just me. So I just fit in being with them. it just took off from there man. It went gold. It went platinum. I have gold plaques, double [platinum] plaques for the ‘Chuckie.' It was just really an honor, you know, to be a part of that."

Then recording as Ganksta N-I-P, he released his debut album, The South Park Psycho, in 1992. It set the stage for a successful career that continues today and includes his recently released God Of Horrorcore Rap album. The new collection features Ganxsta Nip rapping in his signature horrorcore style on “Murder On My Mind” and “World Full Of Killaz.” Ganxsta Nip also shows his diversity throughout the collection, which includes “Down 4 My Block,” where he laments having to go to so many funerals.

“You’ve always gotten two styles from me,” he says. “You’ve got the gangsta style, street, and you have the Horrorcore. I’m versatile. You’re getting different styles, different genres, different types of songs."

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  • M.C. Chriscore

    He came,saw and win! Ganxsta NIP is the God of Horrorcore Rap,because he is The Dope Best Brother from da Streetz!!!! Since 1992 is He a Legend in his own Time.God Bless America for this wicked EmCee!!! We Europeans know who he is!!!!!!!!!

  • IROC

    That Chuckie track is a classic this man along with 3'6 Mafia set the stage for Horrorcore hiphop nobody certainly not that wack ass Tyler No Creator! to that youngsta blogger you better stick your head in a book before you make lame statements like you just did sad when you have no respect Tyler Creator are just ok but haven't laid down anything that will be call classic

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  • youngsta

    this old ass nigga ain't the king of horrorcore. that would be tyler the creator. "it ain't about who did it first, it's about who did it right, niggas looking like "preach!"" -drake

    • Anonymous

      ha HAH ha , young dumb & disrepect youre way to obsessed with the older cats. Yet you dont understand We dont care what you youngsters think

    • @mayhem


    • mayhem

      youngsta: Tyler the creator is frank oceans homie and u prob get off thinking about frank ocean. Yall young swaggotz dont respect the people who laid the foundations all yall respect is how tight the next man can wear his clothes

  • Yung Nikka

    I seen this dude in a nursing home

  • Prez

    Salute to my homie and artist Ganxsta NIP. Its a huge honor to represent this pioneer. Psychward ENT/UGS4LIFE

    • @Bom

      Co-sign , Gordy aint been around long enough to hold that title. Geto boys, Brotha Lynch and Esham are 3 of the best in my opinion. Somebody had that "Bath Salts" video on repeat at a house party last week at 4AM while everybody on that Molly LMAO shit was hilarious

    • Bom

      Trust me Anon in '91 no one in the south heard of King Gordy! Gangsta Nip is the King of Horrocore to us, sry if that offends ya but back then everybody in the south new gangsta nip wrote those songs for the geto boys and didn't get the proper due...but real cats like myself bump that shit to this day and still wonder why Bring it On! Isn't talked abt as the greatest posse song of all time?!!!!

    • Anonymous

      nigga please king gordy is the god of horrorcore

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