Norbes Says Tsu Surf Needs To Win Battle Against Hitman Holla

"Whoever wins this battle can boast," Norbes says of the forthcoming Tsu Surf face off against Hitman Holla. "They can do whatever they want. And its on SMACK so you know how much bigger its gonna be."

Norbes says that Tsu Surf needs to win his forthcoming match against Hitman Holla at Summer Madness 4. 

“I would say right now Surf, due to the fact of his last few battles,” Norbes says according to a story on "I would say it’s a lot more important for Surf, but Hitman is an arrogant-ass nigga. He is not trying to take an L to Surf. Whoever wins this battle can boast. They can do whatever they want. And it’s on SMACK so you know how much bigger it’s gonna be. I’m excited for that battle, man. I ain’t gonna lie. Hitman and Surf is crazy.”

Norbes also says precautions have been taken given the conflict between the two rappers.

“We’ve always got a ‘No Violence’ clause,” Norbes says. “If you put hands on [someone], you suspended, man. My brother Math [Hoffa] did the dumb shit and it is what it is, but you shouldn’t have to put your hands on nobody. I’m not a supporter of ignorance and promoting ignorance, so at the end of the day that’s not gonna be done."

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