Kid Capri Says Battle Rappers Can Make Good Records

"They say battle rappers can't make good records," Kid Capri says, "but some of the best battle rappers in the world made some of the greatest records."

Kid Capri says that he was inspired to record his Top Tier album after hearing criticisms of battle rappers. 

"They say battle rappers can’t make good records but some of the best battle rappers in the world made some of the greatest records: KRS-One, Eminem, LL [Cool J], Meek Mill was a battle rapper,” Kid Capri says according to a story on "It just take somebody to say, ‘Yo, do it like this. Rhyme to this beat. Lean on it like that.’ That’s what I wanted to do. I produced the whole album. All the beats is done by the Kid Capri.”

Kid Capri also says that he wanted to bring Battle Rap to television.

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  • CAL Boss

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  • JustSayin

    Jay-Z, Big Daddy Kane, Kendrick Lamar, DMX and Biggie are some more examples of great battle rappers who've made great records.

  • CAL Boss

    Yeah, there are a few battle niggas that made it, but that don't mean every battle nigga can do it. I'd like to hear these niggas spit bars over a beat, but instead it seem like pissed off poetry night in a hood club.

  • Anonymous

    they can, but its rare. just look at method man, the whole slaughterhouse ensemble, cassidy etc. Eminem is really the only one i can think of who has put out a good record(s).

  • Anonymous

    battle raps are from heart, they are real

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    No they cant. Listen to the 4 horseman and Laughterhouse.

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