Diddy, Ice-T, Phonte Address Police Killing Kajieme Powell In Missouri

Young Joc, Open Mike Eagle, Rapper Big Pooh and Dru Ha are also among those addressing Kajieme Powell's death on social media.

Kajieme Powell, a 25-year-old Black man, was shot and killed by St. Louis police officers Tuesday (August 19). This incident took place a few miles away from where Michael Brown, an unarmed Black man, was shot and killed by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer August 9, according to Huffington Post

Law enforcement authorities said Powell approached two police officers while acting "erratically," the New York Times reports. Officials say Powell was armed with a knife. Officers repeatedly asked Powell to "drop the knife" he had been brandishing, St. Louis Police Department Chief Sam Dotson said. Powell reportedly asked officers to shoot him as he brandished his weapon. 

Yesterday (August 20), St. Louis police released a cell phone video capturing the incident from a distance. Dotson claims the video, which has been deemed "potentially offensive or graphic" by the YouTube community, confirms the police department's description of the shooting, according to the Times. However, the news outlet reports that it is "unclear whether the knife was raised when he was shot." The publication also says 12 gun shots were audible in the video. 

In a separate article, The New York Times says that the video contradicts at least portions of Chief Dotson's initial account of the incident. Dotson initially said Powell was as close as three feet from the officers before they shot him. In the video, Powell "appeared to be farther away," the outlet says.  

Rappers have responded to the Powell shooting on Twitter, including Ice T, who asked police brutality non-believers to watch a cellphone video of the Powell shooting.

Ice T, whose Rock group Body Count released a controversial song titled “Cop Killer” in 1992, is not alone in spreading news about Powell’s killing. Phonte also shared links about the shooting on his Twitter timeline.

Twitter posts from Rap figures regarding Kajieme Powell are below.

For more on rappers speaking about law enforcement, view the DX Daily below.


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  • Anonymous

    50 only wishes he had the balls to squeeze the trigger like these cops lol Holy shit they lit ole boy up.

  • Steve

    The ONLY police brutality "non-believers" are cops. PERIOD. We have ascended into an age where lapel cameras on police are long overdue. Sure, they might cost tax-payers a few million dollars up front, but in the long run think of all the BILLIONS saved in litigation and court fees.

  • VoiceOf Reason

    I read several witnesses and bystanders saying things like "they coulda shot him in the foot" or "the shoulda fired warning shots!" or "taser". First, warning shots in a densley populated neighborhood? So who's window do you want that bullet to go into. Fire into the air? Who's head do you want that bullet to come down on top of? Next, tasers wont penetrate several layers of clothing like the guy was wearing, plus you don't use a taser on a person wielding a weapon since you only have one shot with a taser. Lastly, shooting someone in the foot is idiotic and only seen in movies. try this; take a softball and hang it from a tree branch swinging, then do 50 pushups to get your heart racing, THEN try to hit the moving target. Let me know how that works out for ya.

    • Anonymous

      Bullets falling down on folks head/ I saw that in a cartoon I believe. They do neutralize perps in real life, mon ami. Do your research. Those cops were just pussies. And about that softball quip, most of us black folks are not out of shape, that ball would get hit 100%.

    • Medico

      Can't shoot them in the leg either. The femoral artery (largest in the body) runs along the leg. Bleed out before you could get to the hospital if it got severed.

  • Anonymous

    These idiots up on here defending these dumb ass cops, think about it: they jumped out with their guns drawn, where was the intent to deescalate the situation? They could have stopped this man with one or two well placed shots, truth is, they panicked and forgot about their training. Simple and plain.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, he was a threat to these cops,why not? He had a knife and they have guns, everybody knows a knife shoot bullets and a gun cuts, yep. Common sense 101. Anyone defending these cops' action should be flayed the fuck up and have a spiked stick run up their asses but then these faggots up on here would like that.

    • Anonymous

      A threat to whom? To them? Really.America is officially pussified.

    • Anonymous

      cops are not trained to stop suspects with one or two well places shots, they are trained to empty the clip into the suspect if they are posing a threat.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck puffy the snake

  • ssh

    To my understanding there was supposed to be a knife out.... he was supposed to be wielding this knife.... hands were down. Like Pooh said. They arrived ready to shoot and shoot to kill.

  • Anonymous

    dont go to a riot unless you're willing to be a martyr for your cause

  • Anonymous

    What's missing from this but already BEEN reported is dude had a mental illness. Only San Antonio cops are trained to deal with mentally ill w/o shooting or violence. They use plain clothes cops in regular cars and NO WEAPONS for the mentally ill. Something like this happened in Portland. OR a couple of years back and white cops killed a mentally ill Black. There was supposed to be a nationwide re-train on how to deal with the mentally ill. Guess Missouri didn't have those classes. Great job posting late, half ass news HHDX. Feel free to all of a sudden find out about the Ohio Black man who got killed in a Wal-Mart by white cops carrying one of Wal-Mart's toy guns and no prosecution for the cops even though the coroner concluded it was a homicide.

    • bnugs

      "even though the coroner concluded it was a homicide" Death, from a forensic standpoint is classified as either suicide, homicide, accidental, or from natural causes. The coroner's job is to determine the cause of death, not consult on legal proceedings.

  • Anonymous

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  • ungrateful ninja

    A riot is the language of the unheard M.L.K. You can hate us but we still love you; Blessings g's

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  • loldead

    [X] Hand in pocket, confronting police who were called [X] Repeatedly yelling at the officers to shoot him, while brandishing a deadly weapon. [X] Approaching officers dispatched to a store for shoplifting. [X] Completely deserving of being filled with hollow points. He got exactly what he deserved, and I'm glad it's on tape. This shooting is completely justified, that idiot wanted to die.

    • Anonymous

      They could have fired warning shots, they could have aimed for his lower limbs, it is done all the time in other places and even in so-called third world countries. My little niece could have disable this man with one shot. They shot him several times and even after he was down on the ground , you could hear more shots. Their lives were still in danger, then, right? I swear, the internet has made America dumb and dumber.

    • B.Dot

      It is rough that he died but what are they supposed to do in a situation like that? Are the officers supposed to let him get close enough to get stabbed? Follow commands that are given. It is not like they pulled up randomly and started messing with the guy unsolicited. There obviously was something go on because no civilian would have been recording. I am all against police brutality but I am all for using common sense. I have a carry to conceal license in Philadelphia and I can't say I would have not done the same thing and these officers are trained for these situations. Everybody is so reactive in these situations but what about being proactive? I am all for going to war against those who need it but in this situation, ehhhh!!

    • Anonymous

      loldead...get you some help.

    • Anonymous

      You're a clown. Seriously. Dude had mental problems. Cops aren't trained to deal with mental illness, ANOTHER problem with policing in the US. Mental illness is overlooked and swept under the rug in America and killing them unjustly is not a solution, it's sad. How this world works, just because you wrote that, people with a mental illness will be all around you for a long time to deal with.

    • loldead

      What about my post was trolling? Did you watch the video? If ANYONE approached you and you were armed you would shoot them too. You can't just yell racism because the cops are white lol. Not how that works. He begged for death and was rewarded.

    • Anonymous

      troll much?

  • Anonymous

    Here come the race wars in 3, 2, 1...

  • no jutice no peace

    niggas let's riot and wildin'

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