Jeezy Details Support For Ferguson Protests

The rapper explains talking to Louis Farrakhan about current protests in Ferguson and the power of celebrity voice.

Sitting down with Houston’s 97.9 The Box, Jeezy spoke at length about current protests over police violence in Ferguson, Missouri. Telling the station that he spoke with Louis Farrakhan about the police killing of Mike Brown and the ongoing aftermath, Jeezy also remarked on the power of celebrity in the context. 

“I don’t know if I’m really supposed to say this or not but I got a call from Farrakhan yesterday about the whole incident, we talked for almost an hour,” the Seen It All rapper said. “That was my whole thing, like to him, I always knew how to take a role of leadership I just never had a cause. I don’t really think it’s just about money, everybody wanna be successful but when you’re still successful—you look at Oprah, you look at Tyler Perry, and these people—we associate success with money. So when you’re successful it’s cool to be about your money, but when things happen you gotta step up and be a leader. You gotta step up and handle your business. If you got a million followers or two million followers, these are two million people that’s gon’ listen, that’s gon’ tell two million other people what’s going on. And the whole thing [with Mike Brown], I spoke with his mother and everything. Even the whole thing with that, I was there. I was doing a show and I’m from that so I just didn’t feel comfortable touching that town without going to touch the people. All those things going on, I don’t wanna come through there and just give money and leave. Actually, to keep it a hundred, I didn’t want to do the show. I didn’t. I didn’t feel comfortable. It didn’t feel authentic. It didn’t feel real. But I get it ‘cause people wanna enjoy themselves but in the back of my mind, my son’s 18-years old. Even with the things that’s going on out there I just feel like it gotta come from up top. Barack Obama, our whole government gotta come in and shut that down ‘cause if somebody else gets hurt it’s gonna spread even farther.”

Reacting to the use of military equipment and weaponry in the city, Jeezy said simply of the initial tragedy, “there should be no reason for any law enforcement to shoot any unarmed person.”

“You got tanks in our neighborhood,” he said. “That’s like you riding down in North Houston and you see a tank. And you see the kids you grew up with fighting with these people as if they are soldiers and their our enemies. You got people in our neighborhoods with assault rifles. I’m hearing that he might have took some—I don’t know, I wasn’t there—but at the end of the day there should be no reason for any law enforcement to shoot any unarmed person.

“It’s always strength in numbers,” he added. “There’s ways to do it without tearing down what we built or the same places that your neighbor gotta walk [to] and get milk for a baby...We gotta take that to their doorstep with real numbers and not leave until we get the answers. We just wanna know the situation, you gotta cooperate at some point.”

Explaining the public demand for more information on the killing, Jeezy said, “You gotta give us the reason why you felt that you had to take a human being’s life for any reason. Okay that’s cool if that’s what happened but why did you feel like it was that serious that you had to take—I mean, there’s stun-guns. There’s mace. There’s handcuffs. There’s so many different routes and the reason I think why the city is in such an uproar because this is the same community that watched this kid grow up to eighteen and get ready to go to college.”

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  • Anonymous

    Weren't the people at the protests actually calling Jeezy and other celebrities out for being vultures and only coming through for attention???

  • alginyes

    How the hell Louis F call you and you still on that gangster, I'll kill you, drug dealing, sexual rants tip? Negroes are know what time it is but that money keeps them from doing GOOD.

  • POPE

    Folks aint shit. damned if you do. damned if you dont. same folks on here saying fuck jeezy for saying something would have been the same ones saying fuck jeezy for saying nothing. i know i didnt do anything to help the situation, but for those social media activists, what are you doing?

    • Anonymous

      A celebrity using his/her popularity and voice to bring attention to a serious issue is unquestionably a positive thing. The question you have to ask yourself with such a widespread issue like the Mike Brown shooting, though, is how much is Jeezy saying Mike Brown's name to shed light on the issue and how much of it is him trying to piggyback the media hype over the issue to get his name out there? For all I know, Jeezy feeds starving kids in all kinds of marginalized neighborhoods on the daily but I'm addressing the fact that most rappers use tragedies like this for their own selfish means. You're definitely right though, damned if you do, damned if you don't.

  • Anonymous

    Let me build my finances and reputation by selling crack to young Black males and then parlay that into a music career in which the sole focus of my songs is to talk about selling crack, shooting guns and spending money on shiny things which in turn adversely influences young Black males and then start talking about how I'm a leader and I spoke to Farrakhan because I'm a righteous, upstanding defender of my race. Get the fuck out of here, mayne.

    • Anonymous

      That's very true. However, I think the larger idea here is that celebrities from all walks of life have a voice. And that voice can be used to influence others to make positive strides for change. So even if the celebrity has not lived or represented a positive life, that doesn't mean that they cannot use the negativity that has represented their life and success to push others to live differently.

    • alginyes

      You are absolutely correct brother.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you everyone, I'll be here all week

    • Jeezy

      this the realest shit i never wrote

    • grape soda

      co-sign. "Theres so many different routes and the reason I think why the city is in such an uproar because this is the same community that watched this kid grow up to eighteen and get ready to go to college. This college = for-profit trade school. ain't like he a scholar or nuthin

    • KelzCT

      finally an intelligent comment.. good shit b i couldnt have said it better

  • drizzy!

    Didnt Jeezy assault his son? This guy is more of a threat to 18 year old Black males than White trigger happy policemen.

    • Anonymous

      he didnt kill his son he only threw him into a glass shower wall or some shit and smacked him a few times.

  • Anonymous

    no justice no peace! straight like dat

  • Chris

    U dont support jeezy, jeezy dont need u Get busy with whatever nothing it is ur about

  • Anonymous

    I no longer support Jeezy's music.

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