T.I.'s Hustle Gang "G.D.O.D. II" Cover Art, Tracklist & Stream

UPDATE 2: Hustle Gang's "G.D.O.D. II" has been released.

The cover art for T.I.’s Hustle Gang G.D.O.D. II has been released, according to EnvyThe DJ

It is below.

G.D.O.D. is short for Get Dough Or Die.

Hustle Gang released its first G.D.O.D. mixtape in May 2013.

"With G.D.O.D., T.I. has ushered in his label's new regime while setting the stage for his already established acts to continue flourishing,” HipHopDX’s Jesse Fairfax wrote in his May 2013 review of the project.

T.I. is slated to release his Paperwork: The Motion Picture album October 21.

(September 2, 2014)

UPDATE: Hustle Gang's G.D.O.D. II's tracklist is available below. The project is set to feature T.I., Doe B and Trae Tha Truth, among others. 

(September 21, 2014)

UPDATE #2: Listen to Hustle Gang's G.D.O.D. II below.

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  • King Richard

    #MemphisMondays https://soundcloud.com/kingrichard1983/the-worst-rap-song-ever

  • King

    It was disappointing. I liked the first project better. Dro sounds hungrier than before. He always brings it on those compilations. It looks like a T.I. pre-album with guest appearances than a Hustle Gang compilation. I like Troubles the best. Too much street, needed more balance among the Hustle Gang co-horts. Doe B sounds amazing on here. Sad story behind his passing. Raw talent! Could have had more Iggy she is his most bankable relevant piece now. There could have been better balance on subject matter like all of Tip's albums. And more balance amongst the rappers. Decent project.

  • Anonymous

    native americans gonna be pissed about this cover

  • fuccya

    The fuck is that bullshit.

  • Slow

    In the words of 50 Cent: Y'all niggas is slow, you need to catch up! This mixtape is 2 days old man, step ya game up Hiphopdx!

  • Anonymous

    racist cover art, my people will not stand for this clifford gonna get an arrow in the back when he least expects it

  • Helan

    Instead of just looking at the Cover and Tracklist, you could download it, it was released yesterday. Try to keep up,hiphopdx!


    This shit got the Australian bitch on it so no thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Not a good looking cover, but it's the music that matters. The first one had a bunch of good songs.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    this nigga... really used an indian on his cover, i can already tell this album gon be WACK!!!

  • kim jong ill

    shits kinda dope dunno what the native americans gon think tho lol

  • DollieHJordan

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  • Anonymous

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  • King Richard

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  • King Richard

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  • Anonymous

    I'll be curious to see the tracklist. Last tape he basically abandoned Iggy cause she wasn't buzzing. Of course now he's saying he supports her fully. I liked the last one for the most part but I can see this one being more pop orientated. In the end this is a business and Iggy is T.I.'s most profitable product at this point. Guess we'll see if I'm wrong or not when it's released.

    • BP

      Iggy has not surpassed B.o.B, she is more relevant than him today yes, but Bobby has more plat singles under his belt, and actually a couple of decent selling albums. This biatch still got potential to be a non-potential factor.. aka one trick pony

    • Anonymous

      I'm pretty sure Iggy has surpassed B.o.B. by this point, if only TIP would have kept her on his label he would be rolling in the cash but at least he still owns her ass and probably her publishing.

    • Get_Real_Gho$t

      Iggy is NOT his most profitable product, that would be B.o.B. Second she wasnt on G.D.O.D.1 too much because at that time she was in London doing her album. It was right around the time she got signed to Virgin/Def Jam. How do you think she hooked up with Charli XCX or The Invisible Men, the guys who produced "Fancy"?.. Everyone else was in America.

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