Dizaster Calls Lupe Fiasco "Arrogant," Says He Wants To See "A Limb Ripped Off Of Him"

"He's supposed to be this positive figure for Hip Hop and all this shit," Dizaster says of Lupe Fiasco, "and he has millions of followers and he's just gonna tweet to people [like], 'You guys are wack.'"

Dizaster says that he would like to see rival Lupe Fiasco in a Rap battle. 

“I’d like to see Lupe Fiasco jump in the shark tank and get a fuckin’ limb ripped off of him maybe,” Dizaster says according to an interview on BattleRap.com. “Another arrogant ass dude, always talking shit. The whole thing started between me and Lupe because he felt like he had to say me and Aye Verb are wack. He’s supposed to be this positive figure for hip hop and all this shit and he has millions of followers and he’s just gonna tweet to people [like], ‘You guys are wack.’ It’s like, ‘Cool.’ So I just started talking shit back to him and ever since it has just always been some crazy shit with him. He’s just one of those dudes that starts tweeting wack ass punchlines and thinking that he’s a rapper because he can tweet bars, typing 140 character lines and shit. I’m a battler, bro. I’m a barbarian, bro. This is what I fuckin’ do, don’t come at me with no fuckin’ Twitter typing shit. Go and play in the corner with that shit. Either jump in the ring or don’t talk about battling, don’t even have an opinion about it. Shut the fuck up! We don’t give a fuck what you think.”

To read the full story, visit BattleRap.com.

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  • Danny

    Lupe is wack, nothing remotely close to dope, another cornball rapper who is only liked by unsophisticated fans who identify with his "skater" image from way back which was fake as fuck... His time has passed. He's just starting shit to get some attention on himself so he can sell records. If he was a female he'd squat like Nicki and get an ass injection to stay relevant. On the flip side of that Dizaster is wack. I watch battles online and I think I seen most of his match-ups and I can honestly say I haven't heard ONE BAR that I felt. Maybe its talent that got him this far lol, Idfk what it is, he's loud and he rants and raves but nobody is watching Dizaster battles for the lyrical creativity, thats for sure... Dizaster ruined battling by pulling in fans who just throw their two-cents in for no reason thinking its a battle of LOUD NOISES! Motherfucker is his own ring announcer smh. Shit, 95% of all battle mc's are corny. People only watch to support black/white east/west bias, in the end its all just a line up of mediocre characters trying to sell t-shirts and terrible mix tapes.

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  • drake runs rap

    i love it when two so called real hthe iphop rappers go at it. Then the hipster nerds have to split and choose sides. We all know both these wanna bes can't hold a candle to king drake

  • Anonymous

    I only know this guy exists because of canibus. he has some bars, but his attitude is corny

  • DAB

    Dizaster is exactly what you are! Lupe's new track (Next to it) is the kind of dopeness that Lupe is known for! Lupe don't have time to battle with a no name butt pirate like Dizaster! Lupe has Lps and will continue to be fire while you still playing catch up!

  • cpx3x412

    Eminem vs. Jay Z will be the most epic battle of all time .

  • Anonymous

    Lupe was right bout u

  • Anonymous

    neva heard about this rapper

  • Word

    Lupe aka Whoopi Goldberg and Jay Electronica are SO WACK and corny .. Most overrated ever??

  • dizaster is a crybaby

    the last 2 sentences of dizaster's statements makes him sound like hes seriously butthurt over lupe calling him wack on twitter lol dude, so what? it's HIS opinion. last i checked, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. some people like you, but not everyone does. some people think you wack, not just lupe but a mad gang of heads think you're garbage. as an entertainer/artist, you should expect negative feedback and criticism, so get over it, stop your whining and move on bro.plus, you've implied that he has to have experience as a battle rapper or be in battle in order for him to have the opinion that you are wack. thats stupid. by that logic, i need to be an nba player in order to have an opinion on any pro b-ball athlete, or that i got to be a politician in order to have an opinion on politics. Finally, your (dizaster) comments are very ironic considering YOU openly express your opinion about anyone and anything on social media in general, so why get salty over someone whos doing exactly the same thing you do? it doesn't make sense. again, get over it and quit bitching

  • KelzCT

    Dizaster's rival?????? In What WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM?? Lupe is on 60 minutes, he's arguing with Bill O'rielly cmon son step the fuck down go battle for $10,000 you really need to win so u can pay ur bills Fuck Nigga

  • deja vu

    this battle would go down exactly like the canibus battle.

  • Anonymous

    Sit down Dizaster

  • lol

    It's really only faggot ass white boys who pay attention to battle rappers anyway

    • Anonymous

      he didn't say all white boys are faggots

    • Anonymous

      Really, check the audience at battle rap events. A whole lotta black, white and latino dudes in the crowd jackass!

    • Anonymous

      "Faggot ass white boys who pay attention to battle rappers...." "Perfect example being Eminem." Yup....

    • ...

      i remember when real emcees used to battle to make their name. perfect example being eminem. its people like you who give credit to people who have no talent. its fucking sickening and its ruining hip hop.

  • lol

    lol @ at this corny ass edgy white boy

  • Anonymous

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  • DonnaSMiller

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  • V-Nasty is God

    Dizaster can get gang raped and die slowly of aids. He's nothing but a punk ass bitch that talks shit all day online and sneak punches people. He thinks he's the shit because he beat a washed up Canibus in a battle. He's not fucking with Lupe on these tracks tho. Point. Blank. Period. Lupe has been the best rapper lyrically to come out after 05.

    • your dumb

      Battle rapping and rapping are two completely different things. all you whack fucks are always thinking someone you listen to on songs would slay in battle rap. CANNIBUS PROVED THAT FUCKING WRONG. Lupe would prob pull out a note book too. battle bars and lyrics are different. so stop talking shit like your favriote emcess can battle cause your straight up embarrassing yourself like all the other incompetent retards commenting on this.

  • Anonymous

    Somebody give this sand face his camel so he can get on home with that bs. Diz, you will always be a battle rapper. Nothing more. Know your place....it's better for you that way.

  • Anonymous

    I just got paid $6784 working off my laptop this month. And if you think that's cool, my divorced friend has twin toddlers and made over $9k her first month. It feels so good making so much money when other people have to work for so much less. This is what I do,,,,, ========================= WWW.CASHTOT.COM =========================

  • bulletproof wallets

    He's got a point. Nobody who created Lasers should be allowed to critique anything.

    • bulletproof wallets

      Nobody is disputing Lupe made some hot shit 10 years ago. The point was that Lupe has something to say about EVERYTHING in hip hop when he in fact has been wack as fuck for several years. He sounds like a bitter has been.

    • Anonymous

      what has dizaster done that compares to food and liquor or the cool though? even if lasers cancels out one, he's still up one dope album. Dizasters claim to fame, winning against canibus by default. Fucking Elmo could have been standing there and he would have won.

    • bulletproof wallets

      Yeah, a record label insisted that he put out the worst pop trash bullshit record in history. That was their blueprint. They wrote his rhymes, choruses, hummed out the melodies for him and hand picked the atrocious beats...because that's what labels do.

    • Anonymous

      >>>>>>>L4SERS I use that CD as my garage door keychain

    • V-Nasty is God

      Shut the fuck up. Lasers was a good album. It would have been great if Atlantic didn't fuck it up. The first two promo singles (Shining Down and I'm Beaming) and the original version Beautiful Lasers were amazing and the album was on the track to being even better than The Cool.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe is needs to fall back. He dont want it with Diz. What did he expect?

    • Anonymous

      honky, battle rap or not, Lupe ain't what he used to be, a promising rapper with something to say

    • ETK

      he don't want it with who? this Grand theft auto 4 lookin ass honky? fuck that dude. he forgets that he was on twitter just as much as Lupe that little period when they was beefin. actin like he somethin

  • hank hill

    I wonder who's more desperate for attention djs or battle rappers

  • gluver

    Dizaster is whack and corny and says a lot of fast shit that has become very tired over the years. I hope he doesn't fuck his girl as fast as he raps. He talks like a bitch and looks like a bitch. Doing things really fast and jerky is usually a sign of a small dick.

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