SMH Records Owners Offer Jay Z $15 Million To Produce His Next Album

Jonathan Hay and Michael Smith say they are willing to pay $15 million to produce an album for Jay Z titled "Continuity."

Jonathan Hay and Michael Smith, co-owners of SMH Records, have upcoming work with Crooked I, Horseshoe Gang and Pink Grenade, but they've also got their sights on another rapper.

"We want to produce for Jay Z," Hay says during an interview with YoRaps. "It would be a dream of mine for us to produce a Jay Z album. It would be even more of a dream if we were the only producers for the entire album. We could call the album Continuity and really stretch Jay Z's sound musically while still keeping it Hip Hop. I’m going to put this out in the universe, we would give Jay Z $15 million upfront to produce it."

Smith agrees with his business partner. 

"I will write Jay Z a check for $15 million today as an advance for us to produce an album for him," Smith adds.  

Beyond offering to work with Jay Z, the production duo also says there has been speculation of actor Johnny Depp being involved with SMH. 

"People speculate Johnny Depp’s involvement because his nephew, Billy Rassel, is involved with Pink Grenade," Hay says. "We are all fans of Depp and the art he brings to his characters through film that inspires all of us. With or without Depp, we genuinely love having Billy Rassel on our team. He’s a rising industry star." 

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  • j dawg

    These guys are just so desperate and sad, trying to get attention off of other's peoples names and talent because they have none themselves. They started this tactic trying to use Kanye's name by publicizing a scam "charity auction" with him, then got their mouths shut by Kanye's lawyers. Then they tried to use Lindsey Lohan's name by saying they were "offering" her a record deal, which of course never happened and was never commented on by Lohan herself because she's never even heard of these clowns. Then they release a video trying to start a beef with the Kardashians, just so they can try to get themselves in the headlines because of the Kardashian name. And now they've moved on to Jay Z. If they were real producers they would just get Jay Z on the phone, they wouldn't resort to bush league PR stunts like this. It just them look desperate and minor league because they could never actually get Jay Z to return their call. Jay Z will never respond to this publicly or otherwise, just like the Kardashians and Lilo and never bothered responding publicly. The only good thing about this article is the laugh about them writing a 15M check. They can't even afford to produce a decent-looking music video. Hey SMH clowns -- stop bragging about fifteen mil you obviously don't have and spend a few hundred bucks on a production designer and a half-decent camera operator for your terrible videos.

  • Anonymous

    Faggots can stay hating. You don't have to like the man (why should you? Unless you are a chick), respect the hustle.

  • youtubekilledthevideostar

    this is smart AF yo! jay should do this.

  • Anonymous

    Shaking My Head Records?

  • Anonymous

    #MIKEBROWN Shawn Carter is human dogshit

  • Anonymous

    Watch the throne had one producer with Kanye only? I recall Pete Rock, Hit Boy and RZA producing tacks for that album.

  • brown killa

    lil wayne on tht same level....u kno how much people will pay to hear THA CARTER 6....

  • Anonymous

    Jay z probably won't do this out of pride, "money can't dictate what I do" , the only album that had one main producer I believe was Watch the throne with Kanye.

  • Not Impressed

    These producers must be the biggest groupies I've ever seen. What producer pays an artist to rap over their beats? And they're willing to give him 15 Million...? You must be fucking kidding me... They better be billionaires or else this is the dumbest waste of money ever. I don't see how Jay-Z can refuse an offer like this, it's practically free money. I'm not impressed

    • JD

      C'mon please tell me none of you actually believe a word of this article. These are just two guys trying to get their names in a music industry article for free. It's the oldest trick in the PR book. They have zilch in their bank account and know their bluff will never be called, but hey they got someone gullible to write an article about it and now their name is out there and it cost them nothing. It's like when the porno producers "offer" Sarah Palin ten million to star in a porno. It will never happen, but hey, some gullible people "report" on it like this site is doing right now. They'll probably hear from Jay Z's lawyer soon if they don't shut up.

    • Anonymous

      If you were smart enough and actually know the level that Jay Z is on, you'd know that this is a smart business move on SMH Records part. These guys know that they will get there $15 000 000 back with profits.

    • achpe2

      Exactly correct. 2014 HIP HOP is ass. Everybody cosigning and dick riding. Jay Z is respectable, but 15 Million just to lay vocals. Like someone said the easiest money J can make. Just go to his book of rhymes. How they going to know if they are going to make that back?

  • Anonymous

    they are so cheap

  • ItsHoviBaby

    Hov gotta do this deal!!! 15$ mill up front damn! The majors aint even competing with that! Judging from Hay and Smith production they can take back to Jay's old days when he was actually spitting classic shit. This would be EPIC

  • Anonymous

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  • jimjim

    this boy jay z is a muthafucka got people wanting to give him that much and up front who you know make moves like that

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