SMACK/URL Reveals "Summer Madness 4" Card

SMACK/URL's "SM4" is set to feature Hitman Holla versus Tsu Surf; Charlie Clips versus T-Rex; and B Magic versus Conceited, among others.

SMACK/URL has announced its upcoming Summer Madness 4 card.

The New York City event is set to be held September 27-28.

Day 2 of the event is set to feature Hitman Holla versus Tsu Surf; Charlie Clips versus T-Rex; B Magic versus Conceited; Aye Verb versus John John Da Don; DNA versus Tay Roc and Arsonal versus Ill Will.

The lineup for Day 1 of the event has not been revealed. reports that the day has been described as a “Rookies vs Vets” event.

More on this event can be found at

For more on Battle Rap, view the video below.



  • Rico

    yo anybody know how to watch these live on the internet

  • Gee-Noe

    Charlie Clips bouta pound on T-Rexs ass, show he would've come super hard on all the Total Slaughter participants

  • King Chandler

    Why is Aye Verb still getting booked? He must just be real cool with the heads of all the leagues because dude is boring as shit.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Something is telling me this shit STILL will not start on finish on time....TOO many battles

  • phillip Daniel Parker (born June 2, 1988) is an Ohioan singer, rapper, songwriter, and music production student at Full Sail University Online. Dubbed as DANEPMUSIQUE, Daniel can be heard on performing such songs as Temptation, Poetic, and Clones. He goes by the stage name of Dan~E~P.

  • Anonymous

    Hitman Holla a bitch

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