Remy Ma Declines Six-Figure Battle Rap Offer

"That's not really where I'm at right now in my career," Remy Ma says of battle rap.

Remy Ma says she declined a noteworthy offer to engage in a rap battle. 

“I had a crazy offer that was in the six figure area to do such,” she says according to a story on "That’s not really where I’m at right now in my career. I believe I could do it if I wanted to, that’s what I do. But that’s not what I want to do.” 

Nonetheless, Remy Ma says that she enjoys watching rap battles.

"I like seeing people,” she says, "that haven’t had the chance to make it as far as I have or even as far as I would like to be one day get a chance to showcase their art and their creativity." 

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  • Anonymous

    yea i think she should try to battle music wise nicki aint lettin no rap bitch eat for atleast the next 5 yrs

  • Papoose

    They about to turn off the lights. You better call dem bustas back and accept that shit!

  • Anonymous

    She will be begging for that offer by early 2015... BET!!!

  • fuccya

    Thought yall hate battle rap hahaha

  • Your face

    You know, I thought Remy was ILL on Puns 2nd album...but she's coming off pretty pretentious in this interview. I like seeing people who haven't come as far as I have??? She's only released one album and it was Average at best. Shit, when some prison birds get some limelight, they think all of the sudden; they are the shit. Same stupid shit happened to Ja Rule and his post-prison release cooking show plans.

  • Anonymous

    This is where Rap is actually heading, and we nolonger wanna here your bullshit song, it's back to Reality, the rawness. It's the best thing she could do in a dying genre in 2014

  • BigWillyTimmy

    She is stupid to not accept. Her last album flopped, you know pap is broke..she won't get a deal..she's an ex-con so no real job...she might as well start rioting in ferguson lol...typical move..she is nobody

  • Anonymous

    It seems like Remy or Pap is replying to all the negative comments about here LOL. Or maybe she has a dedicated fan.

  • Anonymous

    When she got incarcerated, s he wasn't buzzing. Her career was actually at a stand still and she had in someway let her chance to become a big time star go away. I would say from the time of lean back('04) to '07, she could have made a dent. However, she didn't and I doubt she will now.

  • Not Impressed

    I agree with the other comments. Remy is a fool to turn down that kind of money (if she's not lying). Ever since she got out, people have been filling her head up with bullshit, and now she thinks she's some kind of star. The truth is, the album she put out before she got locked up was a flop and she was on her way out of the industry. What makes her think she can suddenly have a sucessful music career now if she was losing 7 years ago? She needs to take every opportunity that's offered to her while she can, because in a few months no one is going to give a fuck about her anymore. I'm not impressed

    • Thermo

      Mr Anonymous I don't feel your reply! nobody is hating on Remy Ma. Not Impressed told nothing but the truth in what he wrote. You are talking about Top 5 female MC lol nigga the game has maybe 5 female MCs so what are you talking? It's either you're popping or you're not. And as a female MC if everybody is not on your "dick" if pre teen girls are not going crazy for you then you are not popping. And I personally think Remy Ma should have accepted that money. since she got locked up in 2008 her mind is probably still stuck in the pre-recession days where Hip-Hop was blooming financially now she probably needs to be reminded that it ain't easy no more to make big money in the industry so if you have an opportunity to do so you got to really think twice before turning it down.

    • dougie

      Anonymous is Remy's manager

    • Sam_B

      i agree -- she's way better than any of the girls in the game today. except Rah digga. but Remy is def top 5 female MCs

    • Anonymous

      Not impressed with your attempt to hate on her. Like I mentioned below before she got locked up she was top 5 best female mc now that shes out shes the best. Thats how sad the rap game is now so yes she is better than some battle rap thing. She knows she good so she can afford to pick and choose. You hater are pretty fucking sorry, did yall ask her for some pussy one day and she turned yall down cause this hatin on Remy Ma is fuckin ridiculous!!! LMFAO a bunch of sorry asses hatin on a female

  • Anonymous

    who's gonna give her 6 figures in the industry. how much did she make from the dj khaled remix. ain't no major label wishing to sign remy ma so she should get back to battling.

    • Anonymous

      no one cares about the lyrics anymore they just wanna see a half naked broad with a big booty

    • Anonymous

      Then the major labels are stupid for not signing her. She is the best female in the game hands down and her lyrics is better than some of the dudes in the game. Remy Ma is a good mc that is well above the realms of battle rapping. Instead of hatin on her you need to get out here and she which major label will sign you!!

  • Anonymous

    she's probably broke so she can't aford it

  • Anonymous

    this bitch is lying

    • Anonymous

      I dont think she is lying, I think you want someone to offer you 6 figures you just mad that she got ther offer and yo hatin ass didnt

  • Anonymous

    Papoose is probably not going to be too happy about this.

  • SMFH

    HUGE mistake that she will regret down the road...battle rap, as pathetic as it is, is where her strength lies. If she thinks she's bigger than that and destined for some real success and some big money she is GREATLY mistaken. Nobody gives a shit about Remy Martin other than the hoodrat lowlives that enjoy battle rap.

    • Anonymous

      Remy Ma mistaken? QUIT HATIN Yes RemY Ma is bigger than the 6 figures they were offerin she is an established name that has skills. She will get the deal she deserves shes just wants to pick something thats suited for her. Seems to me that you are the hoodrat lowlife who has nothing to do but hate on people. GET A REAL JOB

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      The only 6 cents you have to offer is the 6 cents thats left over on your food stamp card. Some pretty sorry shit on your end to hate on a female thats has done accomplished more in her rap career than you have in your whole life

  • Anonymous

    she really feeling herself, letting these industry groupies gas her up

    • Anonymous

      LMFAO Remy Ma dont need no one to gas her up. When she got locked up she was in the top 5 best female mc's out. Now that she has gotten out she is the best female in the game and she knows thats why she turned the 6 figures down. Quit hatin son

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