B.o.B. Deletes Tweets Regarding Twitter Activism

B.o.B. deletes his tweets mocking what he believes is Twitter only activism regarding Michael Brown shooting.

Nothing a celebrity puts on Twitter goes by unnoticed, especially if it's controversial. B.o.B. found that out the hard way as he attempted to backpedal and erase his latest Twitter rant.

The Atlanta native recently took to the social media site to relay his displeasure over what he believes are people only Tweeting about Ferguson and the killing of Michael Brown.

"All niggaz gon do is TWEET!!" he originally tweeted. "Y'all ain't gonna REVOLT!!! I bet y'all won't overthrow the government of nothing!! All you gonna do is TWEET!" 

B.o.B. also attempted to point out what he believed was hypocrisy between certain circumstances of crime and punishment and the Michael Brown case.

"So Antwon will shoot 12 people in a week and y'all be like "FREE TWON!" a cop shoot a nigga and y'all riot... ok... #facts," he said. Now all tweets on the matter are gone. HotNewHipHop recently presented screenshots of the tweets that were deleted shortly after they were posted.

Michael Brown was killed on August 9 and the controversy surrounding his death caused not only the community of Ferguson, Missouri to protest but people nationwide and sometimes worldwide have also decided to join in. He was gunned down by a police officer who many claim wrongfully shot the unarmed teen. J. Cole and Elle Varner have each released songs in support of justice on the case. 

View B.o.B.'s deleted tweets below:

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  • BP

    B.o.B should've stood ground, but to be honest Twitter is a dipshit of a place to talk bout these things. I can't honestly fathom why the blog game is dead, you can post a tweet just as fast as you can delete it. blogs need to come back. Kanye when he had shit on his mind used a blog sometimes, he may be a loudmouth fucknigga but he had a way of getting thru people, he was on his blogs with caps lock n shit. other rappers have used blogs too, I forget who but point is if you have an audience, and you got shit on your mind.. fuck twitter, tell us what you really on about nigga

  • Dick Longe

    That nigga B.O.B aint gonna do shit but walk around lookin sweet n shit like he some fashion icon, these niggas these days are straight u homos namsayin

  • blecmesf

    typical uncle tom straying away from the heart of the matter

  • Kramer

    Finally, someone making sense!

  • Shocker

    Drake is Illuminati check the signs he's throwing up on Degrassi.

  • nibs

    says the guy with 2 million followers but still doesn't do shit about shit.

    • ETK

      you can't necessarily do nothin even if you had 15 million twitter followers, that place is just a self-obsessed dumphole

    • Anonymous

      wtf are his twitter followers gonna do? they are not his minions or worker bees here to do his bidding

  • Anonymous

    he right! since they sented a special force to help save them so-called 200 kipnaped girls from Africa they killed more and released that ebola virus and you in America only care about one brother when they are murdering black people all around the world!

  • MaryRGordon

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  • Anonymous

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  • D12WORLD

    B.O.B. is speakin the TRUTH. Hes sayin what every1 else dont got the balls to say. Like 2Pac said if we all unite we could completely change the goverment, but nobody wants to make a sacrafice.

  • Anonymous

    ppl care more who does the shooting rather than a black youth is dead. when a black youth shoots another,then no one cares

  • Anonymous

    he had somewhat of a point


    Like BOB would ever come down off his high horse and get grimy

    • Anonymous

      i know right this is just as bad as him trying to start black activism... NIGGAZ KNOW THEY TWEETS AINT GONNA DO NOTHING!! The ones that actually give a fuck are already out there lets keep it real





  • BernieClavender

    he right tho

  • Anonymous

    what a cowardly move deleting those tweets. you got to stand by your words my brother.

  • Anonymous

    Nah, he ain't a bitch. He deleted it because you got a lot of cats that's sensitive and will label you a traitor when you make comments like that and threaten you and hurt you financially instead of checking themselves and asking if he's telling the truth. He is though. I see it indc all the time, I love my people but my people be out here banging and pullin kick doors but when the cops do it, it's some how different and then and only then do we turn to activists. When we kill each other in the hood at alarming numbers (I.e. Chicago) we turn our heads and pretend that we don't see it. When I first moved todc from the south I saw kids, as young as 10 and 11 up and on the street at 1am like wtf? And when they go down the wrong path we blame it on the system. Now I've had my run ins with the cops so I understand that they're a menace, however when do we take responsibility for our actions? We needa reality check!

    • RealNigga

      @thelost1's Sin only leads to death. I have no dad, friends and loved ones in jail, been backstabbed, etc.. but I dont needa gang bang or kill/Rob people (Like many people I know) to get money or make a straight livin/have a good life. What shall it profit a man if he gains the world yet forfeits his soul? #FoolsNeverWin

    • Anonymous

      "yo some of us dont god dads" or school apparently

    • theLost1's

      yo some of us dont god dads, have our fam in jail, friends killed or left us....family backstabbed us...after all that how can we still have hope for the good when sin brings us more in a week than we ever had our whole lives my g

  • Anonymous

    Damn I just saw that footage of MB stealing and assaulting a store owner for confronting him about it. Crazy how they are portraying him to be some innocent college boy instead of a thug and criminal.

  • drake runs rap

    yall dark skin niggas take an L for going on a raid and looting stores. And then you have the nerve to hate on hus light skins while you bring our rep down with your ignorance.

  • Anonymous

    he said the truth. why backtrack and delete like a bitch. remy ma shot a girl in the torso. every rapper was on twitter like free remy. nobody asked about the victim or anything or even asked if remy ma learnt her lesson. now footage of the kid robbing a store has been released. i'm black but blacks do a lot of shit to themselves. the race card aint helping nobody. just do the right thing and everything will be fine.



  • m.black

    If blacks really want to stop these Cops from shooting blacks down in the streets... Boycott white businesses until justice is served. Instead of tweeting these rappers/entertainers with money should be setting up businesses in Ferguson so the people could work for themselves and or buy from themselves. Rioting and depending on the "justice" system is not the answer. Stop supporting those who don't give a damn about you.

  • Anonymous

    "So Antwon will shoot 12 people in a week and y'all be like "FREE TWON!" I noticed this too, pure hypocrisy from most of these gangsta/trap rappers.

  • Anonymous

    Speaks truth no one says shit when gangs kills each other or innocents die from a black hand, but as soon as a cop kills a black dude it's game over? Smh open your eyes people, this just makes you look retarded, start protesting against gang members have neigbourhoods go after people who kill innocents, those people shouldn't be able to live comfortably and honestly if they kill innocents why doesn't someone just go shoot them even once In a while? People take notice of what sets people off and you guys are making the wrong moves on only certain situations

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