Skeme Says He Loves Lean "A Lot"

Skeme says he really enjoys sipping lean but assures he isn't addicted to the codeine-laced beverage.

Skeme loves lean, a lot. The Inglewood, California recently told HipHopDX he loves the purple drink but isn't addicted to it.

"I love lean." Skeme says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX that debuted in the DX Daily. "Anybody out there want to get me a gift, lean [is a] good gift. It's weird though 'cause I be seeing a lot of people, I just heard another person had a seizure the other day. I don't think it was off lean though. I ain't never had no seizure. You ever see me have a seizure? I ain't never had no seizure dawg. Ain't nothing happen to me yet. I ain't have a headache, stomachache, nothing. I'm fine and I drink that shit a lot. A lot, like a LOT. I ain't met too many niggas drink like I drink so it is what it is."

He also wanted to make clear that it isn't cool to be addicted to drugs and that lean is just like him–mad chill.

"It's real dope to just sip man," he said. "It's not cool to be hooked on drugs but I do like lean a lot. I think it's just that mad chill vibe that's how I am as a person in the first place. I'd rather be laid back and out of the way so that's what that take you to at all time."

Back in June, Skeme told HipHopDX that his father told him to become a rapper and his relationship with Top Dawg Entertainment.

Watch Skeme's interview segment about lean below:

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  • Anonymous

    Spoken like a true addict. Oh I aint addicted, I just drink way more than everyone else. What a fuckwit

  • Anonymous



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  • KelzCT

    how is this BREAKING NEWS.. yall suck. this nigga is whack. headline should say "DRUG ADDICT DENIES BEING A DRUG ADDICT"

  • hoodgrown

    As impressionable as this generation of hip hoppers seem to be, I think it's irresponsible for AllHipHop to even print an article like this. A lot of people do a lot of fucked up things in their private lives... that doesn't mean that shit should be promoted with an article on it.


    Loser ass nigga promoting lean like its a good thing. I feel sorry for these new rap fans.

  • Anonymous

    I know what du said bout being hooked on drugs shit aint cool, but it's crazy how niggas really idolizing these rappers that are dead druggies. u don't look at the crackhead on the block on some cool shit. rappers needa cut that shit out aint nun cool bout being a slave to drugs know what's going on round u b

  • Anonymous

    he's bout that life fo sho

  • fuccya

    I ain't have a headache, stomachache, nothing Yeah, me neither and to keep it that way I better stay off this shit. Lotta weed and some alcohol IS enough, why do people still fuck with opiates, its pure evil.

  • Anonymous

    I hope he loves death too

  • ywe

    What?! He's addicted to lean, just admit it. denial, denial, denial. And what does denial stand for? Don't even notice I am lying.

  • Anonymous

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