Eminem, Sia "Guts Over Fear": "The Equalizer" Trailer; Cover Art, Song Released

UPDATE #2: Eminem has released his "Guts Over Fear" song with Sia, which was played in the trailer for the forthcoming film "The Equalizer."

Eminem’s “Guts Over Fear” song is featured in the trailer for the forthcoming Denzel Washington film The Equalizer, which is slated to arrive in theaters September 26. 

“Guts Over Fear" features the Detroit artist singing and rapping. 

"A former black ops commando who faked his death for a quiet life in Boston comes out of his retirement to rescue a young girl and finds himself face to face with Russian gangsters,” is how The Equalizer is described on IMDb.

The Equalizer movie trailer featuring Eminem’s “Guts Over Fear” featuring Sia can be viewed at HipHopDX here

For more Eminem coverage, watch the following DX Daily:




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    That fucking into the storm advert at the top is annoying as shit, please remove it as soon as possible.

  • oh lawd whats next from ktt

    feeling it

  • Anonymous

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  • Kathryn

    It's to people like you that this whole song is aimed towards. Eminem is a person and artist who EVOLVES over time. Just like any good artist. If all his songs stayed the same as his Slim Shady days, people would be complaining about that too--saying he's too stagnant or whatever. In order to be relevant as an artist, he needs to be true to himself.

    • J dirty

      If evolving means putting some random bitch on every other hook and singin like a bitch....then he can keep his new style.He was rappin better with the Accent

  • Kathryn

    You go, Em! Tell the world how it really is and stand up for the person you've become! Be true to yourself and let the haters hate. Your true fans embrace the evolving artist and person. I'd rather hear No Fear 2 to "Big Weenie" or Ganja any day!

  • jaqQe

    everyone says Eminem fell off, but when it comes to real rapper they admit he's a beast. Who are you to say that he fell of behind an Anonymous post? Create songs with lyrics and a soild flow behind a perfect beat and get it to sell millions. When you do that then you can judge this shit. The people who hate usually just hate themselves.

  • Anonymous

    wht's up craaakas and nigggaz?

  • hiphop

    these fuckin little children... get the fuck off this post. Eminem is Beast

  • Training Night

    The song is shit but the movie will be great

  • Cealix

    You've basically got the best rapper having a song for a movie that has one of the world's most favorite actor. This movie will PULL. "omg Eminem fell off and he's not the greatest rapper!" Please tell me what other artist is on the same pedestal as him. Don't use lyrics as your claim because they can only get you so far. Why do you think they call them underground artist? Because they haven't reached the surface yet.

  • Brett

    Movie will probably be terrible with Eminems song playing thru the whole thing.

  • afrocandyza

    i need to have this song .The title sounds inpirational as hell.Im sure Em loves the girls at www.afrocandy.co.za

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  • Anonymous

    Lame how movies now play rap music in their previews as if hearing an Eminem song is going to make you want to see the movie. The song won't even be in the finished version.

  • Anonymous

    eminem sucks, he's trash nowadays

  • Anonymous

    Yeah this snippet/trailer came out like 4 months ago hip hop DX....you should instead do nan article on FREEWAY RICK ROSS and how ghetto fat fuck corrections officer stole his name and made millions of dollars doing so...now THATS a story

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  • Anonymous

    eminem sucks. dezel is greatest actor of all times

  • LordFinesse

    Eminem sold out, nobody cares, only pop/electro fans cares

  • Anonymous

    Denzel is da best actor.

  • svenskhiphop

    It seem like a good movie and Eminem is always top rapper in the world so everything's good!

  • AR

    Great MC but his production is just too poppy.

  • Anonymous

    artistically this faggot done fell off 11 years ago. commercially he will be kept afloat for goddamn ever by trashy white people who revere him as the only white rapper

    • BP

      These fuckniggas still can't get over the past, just cause they were shakin their titties to The Real Slim Shady they deem everything that came later as shit, when in reality they're blinded by nostalgia. Eminem has always been commercial, you were just 12 years old back then.. fuck nigga

    • DEEZE Nuts

      Get the Fuck out of here. If u saying Eminem is not dope than u dont know shit about hip hop. one of the Greatest lyricist ever u probably a Chief Keef Fan. I'm Black, and Em is one of my favorite artist of All time.

    • Anonymous

      you're deaf if you think MMLP2 wasn't a good album.

    • Anonymous

      dont forget the black people who kiss ass to whoever is commercially popping


    Damn, I'm tired of hearin Slim on these overproduced,glossy,weak ass pop beats that he's always on now.I dont give a fuck what these clowns say, his last great album was 'relapse'.Its all pop after that

    • BP

      Eminem has ALWAYS been pop and commercial. he was pop in 2000 and he's pop today. y'all just saying shit cause y'all was 10 years old when MMLP/Eminem Show dropped so it was all good to u. nostalgia blindin your asses. Eminem has more or less always put out quality material, compared to the rest of the rap game. so if today's generation wants to bump Recovery fuckin let em

    • sam snead

      Eminem 96-03: top 10 to ever touch the mic Eminem 04-til now : overrated radio rapper

    • sam snead

      Actually his last very good album was eminem show. About half way into encore he made a weird turn and has never beeen the same since

    • Anonymous

      relapse was trash. by far the worst delivery he ever came out with. MMLP2 was his best recent album

    • Anonymous

      white people like what the fuck white people like

  • Anonymous

    I hope Dre makes all the beats

  • WsD

    MMLP3 was just announced on Eminems twitter

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