AZ Says Rappers Have Shifted Focus From Lyrics To Hustling

AZ recalls appearing on the set of Jay Z's "Dead Presidents" video with Biggie and Smoothe Da Hustler.

As a rap veteran, Brooklyn rapper AZ recently shared his thoughts on the status of today’s Hip Hop, during an interview with Forbez DVD Live. When asked if there’s a lack of lyricism when it concerns today’s rappers, he revealed that the business has become more of “a hustle game” with lyrics taking a backseat.

Despite the recent shift in focus, he stated that every rapper should be able to spit.

“I feel like everybody should be mothafuckin spitting,” he said. “That’s like mandatory…It ain’t even about lyrics. It’s a hustle game now. So, everybody hustling. Doing what they do. So, I ain’t stressing it.”

AZ later recalled appearing in the “Dead Presidents” music video alongside the likes of Jay Z, Smoothe Da Hustler, and the late Notorious B.I.G.

“That was the good ol’ days,” he said. “That was Hip Hop, man. You know what I mean? All the Brooklynites. Actually, Smooth Da Hustler was there too. He was up there. He was at the table. It was a good look.”

The New York City lyricist later addressed the issues pertaining to clearing samples, and revealed that it is an issue that “hurts” the music community.

“It hurts a lot…Yeah, I mean cause everybody wanna eat,” AZ said when asked if the sample for “Doe Or Die” would have been cleared if it was released today. “It’s the music game. It’s the publishing game. So, I mean, you can clear just about anything. It depends on if a record is worth clearing. You know what I’m saying? If it’s a hit, if it’s a single, and it’s worth clearing, it’s worth it. If not, sometimes you can just use it for promotional purposes.”

Earlier this year, AZ spoke exclusively with HipHopDX about his record “Sugar Hill,” The Firm, and working with Nas.

“I was humming the beat. He liked it,” he said while speaking on Nas’ “Life’s A Bitch.” “I had something cooked up and I laid it down. And the rest was history. I was surprised that he liked it that much that he put it on the album but I appreciate it at the same time.”

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  • Cam

    This man is the essence of hip hop. Him and Nas together are truth

  • Anonymous

    What happned to all the "old and bitter comemts

  • 1

    So fucking true. Acting like thats all they do all the time. Gtfo! Liars!

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    real niggaz listen real hip hop

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  • Big Gucci The Ruler

    gucci mane is real hiphop. He raps about facts not fantasies. When he says he will kill a nigga he has the proof to back it up unlike all these other rappers. Free gucci

  • RoB

    Salute to AZ! him and Cormega = some of Hip-Hop finest! I glad i have see him live in Copenhagen in nov/2013 with Dj Doo Wop! great show....sad that Kool G Rap diden't get his passport so that's was sad...but still glad to see u and Doo Wop!! PZ from Sweden!

  • RealTalk

    Fact out of all niggaz that came out 2005 and after Besides Drake and Kendrick GAME and Jeezy and even FIDDY THE SNITCH are the only niggaz puttin out quality music since. The internet Totally Fucked Music Up. Now a days any wack ass Chief Keef or Lil Durk Or soulja boy can get a fuckin record deal make videos with a 1080p camera phone and put fake money up in pics claimin its they shit. Niggaz makin songs bout new buggatis and only worth a total of 2 million dollars (future, Ace hood), there used to be a realness to hip hop or ur bitch ass got exposed, Im from ChiRaq and i will no longer even remotely pretend to like the fuckery ASS drill music scene!!! wack muthafucks who cant rap to save they life chief keef lil durk, Twista and them real dudes showed these half retarted little fucks nothing!!! Fuck Rap!!!!!! and I was only referring to niggaz who came out 2005 and after everyone know Eminem and Jay Pac and big are monsters,,, GAME should actually be included with them legends Cause Doctors Advocate, Documentary, and all games albums are Classics or damn near classics FACT: nobodys Dropped a hip hop album as hard as the documentary or doctors advocate besides eminem since 2005 Jeezy 102 Recession Dope Kanye west fell off when 808 came out that wack shit and that dark fantasy shit was not no fuckin classic by my standards! But ever kanye album before that classic wiz rollin papers was decent Jadakiss is just a dope ass nigga ID RATHER LISTEN TO GAME NAME DROP FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE THAN TO LISTEN TO ANY NIGGA BELOW!!! RAPPERS THAT SHOULD BURN IN HELL BEFORE THEY FUCK UP ANYTHING THAT HIP-HOP HAS LEFT Chief Keef LIL DURK and i only know them niggaz cause im from chi raq GUCCI MANE... and GAME would beat the fuck out of this fat flabby jail bird LIL SCRAPPY MEMPHIS BLEEK MIGOS FREDO SANTANA lil B...itch OJ THE JUICE MAN SOULJA BOY WAKA FLAKA pretty much every nigga from the south and new chicago fuck em and they bitch ass record deal cept... scarface bun b tre the truth outkast and the nigga above YOUNG JEEZY

    • AR

      Agree with most of what you say. 50 done fell off bad, though. Wasn't feelin any of his last 3 albums. Agree about Drake. He ain't that bad. Problem with him is that he's a clown and that will always make him a target. But the rest of them ignorant ass fools, yeah. It's embarrassing to us as a people that clowns like Chief Keef and Soulja Boy can even get close to an exec, let alone get a record deal.

    • Anonymous

      1. Kind of cosign to RealTalk. Mainstream hip hop is garbage. Saying no one has shit besides those artists since 05 is a stretch though. What good music has fif dropped since then anyway? Dude's been washed up since then. Haven't heard shit from OJ Juice for a while, not sure why you mention him. 2. Blu, you've gotta learn how to read. he said no one is dropping quality music besides drake, game., etc. He didn't just say Game. & so you're gonna call Documentary a 50 album? So is GRODT an Eminem and Dre album. Cause shit wouldn't have happened without them. 50 played a role in the documentary. but to say it's his album is just idiotic. do your research. Then you gonna call out someone else for dick riding.

    • Blu

      You A Clown!!!! DafuQ You Gon' Say No1 Dropped A Classic Except Game? Quit Dick Riding And Come With Facts Not Biased Opinions You Fvckin Faggot! 50 Dropped Two Classic (GRODT and The Documentary)

  • AR

    It's those corny ass south clowns that fucked up mainstream hip hop. And I'm not talking about cats like Outkast, Scarface, Goodie Mob, Scarface, TI, Big Krit, etc. But those fuckers like Wocka, Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne(Since 2009 at least), Gucci Mane, Chief Keef (From Chi Town but y'all know how he raps), Rick Ross, FloRida, Trinidad James, 2 Chainz, Riff Raff,French Montana all made it popular to say retarded ass shit on loud bassy beats rapping in that lazy, corny, stupid, retarded sounding, chanty ass rap style. Then came the swag movement and it was just over for anyone with skills on the radio. And the fact that these retarded ass teenagers eat the shit up has completely made a mockery of the genre. It's y'all fault that people say us black people are ignorant retards. Because y'all support wack ass niggas like that.

    • RoB

      Feel u in some way, but why discuss south bullshit etc....if u want some new real Hip-Hop it's out there for 100 but not on the radio/or tv (anyway: who watch tv this days...just a brainwashed bullshit) anymore!! PZ

    • Young Guwop

      So you didn't mention Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, French Montana, Lil Momma, Chicken noodle soup, teach me how to dougie, etc. It's everywhere and not in the south only.

  • Anonymous

    One of the best to ever do it. Doe Or Die II seems to never come out though.

  • don't ever rap again

    To the left, to the left/ To all my employees, get your paychecks/ Now who's up next?/ You not welcome in my house like Martin, step!/ Big balls in my face/ Lick me up a big dog in my face/ Nut so hard that it's all between my waist/ Got something up my sleeve, I think it's an ace/ Like a fresh pair of Jordans, I got the game laced/ dick hard, might call up a hooker/ no game, no bait, all money, so I hooked her/ Had a goose around her neck, so I cooked her/ She didn't pay for her flight, I never booked her/ I'm a straight up N-I- DOUBLE -G -A/ I know my a.b.c.'s, why you think I got an AK?/ Niggas got a dick in their ass, I assume they're gay/ They just mad my pockets bigger than Fat Albert, hey, hey hey/

  • Anonymous

    AZ is a constantly overlooked legend. Spectacular flow and wordplay only a few can match. He looked like he was tweaking hard in this video some reason but he did drop much needed knowledge

  • Anonymous

    Do these niggas not age or what? Em, Nas, etc. damn. ageless motherfuckers.

  • Anonymous

    AZ is the realest Dominican to ever spit. Real hip-hop.

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