T.I. Addresses Retirement Rumors, Potential Troy Ave Signing, "Paperwork" Guests

Jeezy, The-Dream, Pharrell Williams, and Rick Ross among the artists slated to appear on T.I.'s "Paperwork: The Motion Picture" album.

With his ninth studio album, Paperwork: The Motion Picture set for release before the year is up, Atlanta rapper T.I. spoke on the possibility of his retirement, during an interview with 92Q Jams. According to the Grand Hustle helmsman, he does have a set time for when he will leave music for other business endeavors.

“I think there will be a moment in time where music is not my first priority in business,” T.I. said. “So, it will loosen up my time to be able to focus on other things. But I don’t think that there’s some sort of a huge clock ticking. I have in my mind a time set where I think that after this amount of projects released, I think at this point I could pull back.”

The Southern wordsmith also commented on the leak of his single, “Stay.” Similar to Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda,” T.I. said that a music service may have been responsible for the accidental leak.

“Samsung kinda—They said it was for their subscribers,” he said. “And I don’t know if it was them or their subscribers, but it seemed to not have stayed in the listening parameters.”

In a separate interview with Bootleg Kev, T.I. addressed the possibility of signing Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave to Grand Hustle. He informed those listening that he and Troy Ave have been in talks and they’re currently in the process of “blending” their ideas.

“Troy Ave and myself we definitely—we coming together on it,” T.I. said in a video posted on XXLMag. “The thing is we—Troy has his ideas of how to approach the industry and he’s already been doing a phenomenal job himself. So, it’s about blending what he has as an idea for himself with what I already have as an idea for him…This is a family and we don’t rush into anything. You know what I mean? So, we just—We going back and forth getting the details together. He definitely one of the coldest right now.”

During his interview with Bootleg Kev, T.I. also shared the names of the artists who are scheduled to appear on Paperwork: The Motion Picture. Among the artists he named were Jeezy, Trae The Truth, Nipsey Hussle, Pharrell Williams, and Problem. 

He later spoke briefly on Iggy Azalea as he revealed that the rapper isn’t interested in any reality shows or “showcasing parts of herself outside of music.”

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    Hopefully he does retire soon getting tired of reading about him and tiny, or him being mad at people calling him a snitch all the time , or him "fighting" Floyd Mayweather lol which definetly never happened tip would get poned

  • Anonymous

    I thought Iggy and Grand Hustle split a while back? He resign her when she got popular?

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