Kevin Gates: "Entertainment And The Streets Don't Go Together"

Kevin Gates says he lost "everybody I ever loved" to the streets.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana singer/rapper Kevin Gates offered a somber take on life in the streets when asked how many friends he’s lost to the streets, during an interview with Vlad TV.

According to Gates, everyone who has ever had a significant impact in his life is either dead or imprisoned. He then revealed that he’s unable to visit those in prison due to his status as a two-time convicted felon.

“Man, I ain’t gonna say violence. I’mma say just from the streets,” Gates said. “Everybody I ever loved. Everybody I ever loved, big bruh. Everybody that was significant and meant something to me they’re either dead or I’mma know ‘em for the rest of my life, but will never see ‘em again cause I’m a two-time convicted felon. I cannot go in a penal facility and visit anyone. I can’t even go see ‘em. All I can do is send you money. And pick up a phone call.”

Gates later spoke on entertainment and the streets, a combination he says does not go together. Before making that proclamation, the musician stated that police tend to follow rappers because of the people they associate themselves with.

He also called out those who provide information to authorities, and credited those individuals for being responsible for what he says is the 98 percent conviction rate.

“If you really pay attention, the police only know what you tell ‘em,” he said. “And right now they follow rappers right now because rappers like to affiliate themselves with d-boys. Like that’s supposed to give them some type of certification. Cause you with somebody that hustle. You really ain’t doing nothing, but putting his family in jeopardy. That don’t go together, man. Rap and the streets don’t go together. Cause this entertainment. Entertainment and the streets don’t go together. But I found a way to tell my story and tell the story of the individuals around me. And people relate to it. What I do is something called ‘reality rap.’

“Me, I just know this, when you a rapper and you in the light the individuals around you in the light too,” Gates added. ‘Okay, yeah. That’s the rapper, but what does he do? What does he do?’ That’s when them questions get to…When the Feds come they like Jesus Christ. They already know everything about you when they come. They got a 98 percent conviction rate. Not because of they been doing good police work. Because niggas tell…I get emotional about it because I got patnas that’s doing life right now. Not because you caught them. Not because you proved that they was guilty, but because people got on a stand and pointed the finger.”

Lastly, Gates revealed the advice he shares as a participant in a local youth mentorship program.

“What kind of name you want for yourself? I don’t want the name of an individual that I let somebody trick me out my position with words,” he said. “No. And I tell that to all my younger brothers also. You heard me? Because I’m involved in a youth mentorship program where I mentor young people. I just want ‘em to know ‘Look at me as an example.’ Man, whenever somebody say something about you whether it’s direct or indirect, don't entertain that. Don’t let nobody trick you out your position…You heard what Birdman said also. ‘Beef, I don’t discuss. I don’t discuss.’”

Kevin Gates’ interview with Vlad TV can be found below.



  • Sam

    People skipping over this article are the ones who need to read it. This justice system wants motherfuckers to recidivate! If you catch a case, they don't care about nothing actual factual, your just food, and if you don't have enough $ you're going to the vultures, it's all about money. And they just slowly take away every last human right you got left. And non-felons get you into trouble cause they still got certain rights you do not! BUT THEY DON'T FUCKIN KNOW! But then if you kicking it with people who do know the consequences, they'll try and lock you up for being around the group who actually understands what the fuck its is! Kevin Gates is THE REALEST for this! Also, I wonder if anyone else got rapper homies? who always be asking you questions? but never been a country mile close to the system?! Experience with that has made me distrust any motherfucker whose going to take my story, and turn it into a CHARACTER, who they try and profit from! I mean wtf, how are you going to put your friends and family at risk? SMH just cause you wanna sound hard, especially in this day and age. Human beings are cowardly man. Most people got more flight then fight in em', and if you happen to be born a fighter, well then you better find a way to channel that shit, cause this society rewards cowardice, and greed I swear.

  • Yep

    Kevin Gates you just got yaself a new fan fam. I'ma check your music out

  • Money First

    Truth! Don't know much about dude but he speaks the real

  • Sam

    Thank you, Kevin Gates. Far, far too many people do not understand what one will loose, if actually living that life.

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