Keith Murray Discusses Fredro Starr Battle

"It opens the gate for artists who felt they may have something to lose," Keith Murray says of his forthcoming battle with Fredro Starr, "but wanna do it."

Keith Murray says that his upcoming battle with Onyx rapper Fredro Starr could change battle rap.  

“It opens the gate for artists who felt they may have something to lose but wanna do it but really don’t wanna do it,” Murray says according to a story on Murray and Fredro Starr are slated to battle at MC WAR’s New World Order II on Sept. 28, 2014.

"It might give them encouragement to other artists doing it now," Murray continues. "We [are] like the first of our kind to do it, actually are the first of our kind to do it. It’s going to be interesting to see which other rappers jump on, not the bandwagon, I don’t wanna say that word, but participating. It’s gonna be dope. Hopefully I’ll see other artists that I like out there or my colleagues go at it with each other, peacefully, because the only time people battle is when you have a discrepancy, a real problem with a person so you say something about them. Like the Nas and the Jay Z. Me and Fredro didn’t have an issue before this. Other artists did, so it’s gonna be good.”

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  • Anonymous

    this shit gonna be dope

  • CAL Boss

    I like both of these niggas, so I hope it's a cool battle. And let's be honest, I'd rather watch "industry" niggas battle than niggas that can't put out a decent album. Hope they do this shit with some beats, I can't hop on the angry poetry shit.

  • Anonymous

    has-beens? Barely a never-was though Fredro eating Rhea Perlman's wet hairy pussy was CRAZY! If dude could work his tongue on the mic like he did that sweet poontang he might still have a career in show business.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Don't really feel these two battling each other, it was a real movement in the error they came in, like a golden age. Not being new or different for the sake of it but legends in the making.

  • Anonymous

    Is this the dude who made the song music with Erik sermon? or was it marvin gaye?

    • Anonymous

      Keith made endless tracks with E-double. E did use samples from Marvin Gaye though. (Music and a bunch of others).

  • james987

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  • Anonymous

    two bitter has-beens talking about nuffin'... at least Keith was half decent for a moment... Pedro's only career highlight was that sex scene with Rhea Perlman in "Sunset Park," he'll never top it, certainly not with his dogshit shout rap.

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