Remy Ma Cites Tupac & Prodigy When Describing Writing While Incarcerated

Remy Ma hoping to release more than one album, says she recorded a song with French Montana, Swizz Beatz, and Jadakiss.

Although New York City rapper Remy Ma was released from prison just over a week ago, the former Terror Squad artist already has a number of projects in the works. While speaking with, Remy revealed that she just shot the music video for her “They Don’t Love You No More (Remix)” with DJ Khaled and fellow rapper French Montana, who she recorded a separate song with.

She later shared that she’s considering releasing a mixtape, but is more focused on putting out an album or albums in the future.

“We shot the video the other day, which was crazy,” Remy Ma said. “He [DJ Khaled] came out. French Montana came out. It was a great look. And also, I did the record with French Montana. Produced by Swizz Beatz. Swizz is on it. And myself and Jadakiss. And that record is crazy. I can’t wait til we shoot the video. That video’s gonna be real NYCish. Actually, I just shot the video for the record with Khaled. And I think when I was over there I was just so hyped with that video and then I’m saying in my head like ‘When we do this next video it’s gonna be so lit.’ I’m just really excited about that, but as far as my own projects—If in fact I do do a mixtape I’mma do a mixtape and I want to shoot a couple of videos for certain records that I put on there. And the album is definitely coming soon…I definitely want to put out an album. I wanna put out a couple of albums. You might even can get a double album.”

In regards to writing during her incarceration, Remy compared it to the writing process of both Prodigy and the late Tupac Shakur. She said that like Tupac, there were days when she didn’t have the inspiration to write. And similar to Prodigy, there were days when she could knock out several songs.

“As far as me being able to write while I was incarcerated I think I would probably have to lean more so to what Pac was feeling,” the rapper said. “Where you don’t really have the inspiration that you want. So, you’re so angry. At times you’re depressed. And that all—If you’re a person who writes from within and your experiences and your emotional feelings it comes out in your music. So, I have material that I wrote during times when I was feeling like that, but you can tell that’s how I was feeling. But then as Prodigy was saying where he didn’t have no problem at all writing. I had spurts where I felt like that. Where I was just on the go. I just breezed through four or five different joints. Talking about one thing to the next thing. And it wasn’t that ‘I’m in jail’ feeling. It was just like ‘Okay, if I wasn’t here what I would be saying’…I went through different emotions at different times of my bid.”

DJ Khaled recently revealed that he approached Remy Ma about signing to his We The Best label. But according to Remy, she’d prefer something of her own whether it be with an independent or major label.

“I just think I’m a rapper and I just happen to be female, but when they put you with a certain category,” Remy said. “If you hang around certain people you tend to be the girl of the group or anything like that. I don’t really want to just have that title anymore. I feel like I wanna solidify something that’s me. Where I can bring in other artists and make an avenue for other things that I wanna do in the future. I could really do that independently or with a major, whichever one is more right for business.”

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